Tanuja gets a call from Abhishek. She tells Rishi not to move, Abhishek was eating and stops meeting. Abhishek asks Tanuja if she met Rishi. Tanuja says they didn’t. Abhishek tells Tanuja to stay away from Rishi and give his love to Natasha. Rishi takes the phone and speaks to Abhishek, Abhishek tells him to stay away from Tanuja and tell her to leave as soon as possible. Tanuja assures Abhishek that this Rishi can’t do any harm to her anymore, that time is gone. Abhishek says I miss you Abhishek, she shares the same with him leaving Rishi curt.
Naitra cheerfully cooks thinking about Tanuja and Abhishek. Bee ji comes there. She says everyone has come to London, Naitra can be her friend and share what’s going on in her mind. Naitra shares with Bee ji that Rishi said he likes her. Bee ji couldn’t

believe this, she tells Naitra not to overthink else her hair would gray. Naitra thinks if she tells Bee ji she is happy because Tanuja married, Bee ji would bring Tanuja into the house again.
At home, Natasha plays with bodyguards and enjoy making them dance. Tanuja comes home and sends the guards away, then scolds Natasha. Natasha says key toys were dancing by themselves. Tanuja clarifies these aren’t any key toys. Natasha asks to go and meet Mr. Handsome. Tanuja says she can’t go there. Natasha asks why they can’t go to his home. Tanuja says he is unwell.
Rishi returns home, Naitra welcomes him with a smiling face. Rishi comes to see a candle light dinner arranged for him. Naitra says this is only a casual dinner with different lighting. She takes his coat. Rishi goes to wash his hands. Naitra thinks for her this would be romantic, atleast she would get to spend some time with him. Rishi comes for dinner and looks around. Naitra serves for him with his favorite dish. Manpreet comes to tell Rishi that Tanuja is calling on his number. Tanuja scolds Natasha to dial this number, Natasha insists to speak to Mr. Handsome how he is. Tanuja cuts the call saying it is bad manners. Natasha says she called his brother. Tanuja asks where she gets all the numbers. Natasha says the bodyguards get them. The phone rings with Rishi’s call, Natasha was furious and says she will complain her Papa. Rishi was worried why Tanuja called and then cut the call. Naitra says she understands she is with him for past seven years. Manpreet hear the conversation. Naitra asks Rishi what if she demands something today. Rishi says he cannot give her anything, his heart isn’t his. Naitra says she only wants some respect in his heart, she only wish Rishi doesn’t tell anyone how she and Tania are related to him. She says he can tell Tanuja about it, she has her own husband and daughter but not anyone else. Rishi promises Naitra.
At home, Natasha runs from eating. Tanuja blackmails saying she would also keep hungry then. Natasha says she will complain Papa about her blackmailing. Tanuja wonders where she gets such ideas, Natasha runs away replying Aaliya Bhat. Tanuja wonders if she is watching movies than cartoons.
Manpreet comes to Rishi. Rishi asks Manpreet why he came here. Manpreet says he came here to get him rid of that sticky Naitra. Rishi discuss with Manpreet that he will surely bring Tanuja back someday, though he and Naitra have been staying for a while together. Manpreet calms Rishi and takes him for a movie.
In the room, Tanuja was combing her hair and recalls Rishi’s words in the office. She thinks about her hair tucked into his shirt. Suddenly the lights get off, Tanuja was relieved that Natasha is asleep else she must have held the whole house overhead. She lights the candle. There, Rishi was sleepless. He wonders what’s happening to him, when Tanuja is there he can’t blink and when she isn’t around, he can’t sleep.
Tanuja looks outside the window and thinks about Natasha’s words that none can be handsome than Rishi. She recalls her meetings with Rishi in the past few days, about Natasha’s moral of story ‘Prince must get a chance’.

PRECAP: Tanuja asks Rishi if her hand hurts. Rishi says it happens, the one giving pain also feels hurt. He says even if he dies. Tanuja stops him saying she dislikes when he speaks about dying. She knocks at the door with much force. Rishi holds her saying she must not do this, it will hurt her. The lift door opens up, Naitra stood outside.

Update Credit to: Sona


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