The Episode starts with Gayu asking Naitik to talk to Naksh once. Karishma says yes, he will be hurt if he knows from someone else. Baisa asks Devyaani to give her tablet to lose memory and forget things. She gets Dadda ji’s pic and says when he was alive, none has gone against me, I want everyone’s good, nothing else. Bau ji says we all know this. Bhabhimaa says you will always be eldest in this family. Naitik says yes, it does not mean you say anything. Baisa says this relation is not right, go and refuse to them. Naksh comes and says no, sorry to go against you but…I have said yes for this alliance. Naitik says no need of sorry and hugs him. Naitik says I m sure you thought well. Baisa says don’t do this. Naksh says please Bua Dadi… Baisa asks what was in your heart.

Naksh says I swear on Dadda ji, I thought well, if you don’t like this, I m really sorry. Baisa says those people have diverted you, I will not let this relation happen.

Naira says why do I feel strange. Kartik plays with kids. Kartik sees Naira and asks kids to go. Kids say we know you are sending us as Naira has come. Kartik sends them. Kartik lifts her on back and says its double happiness, Naksh and Kirti will have love like us. They laugh and play around. Chukar gai……. yahan wahan hai tu….plays…. They romance.

Naksh thinks thank God Bua Dadi agreed, I just agreed for Kartik and Naira’s relation. Naitik and Gayu come. Naitik asks him is he worried, this nervousness is natural. He says everything will fine, tell me your love story. Naksh says there is nothing. Gayu says there will be something. Naitik asks why are you shy, I also told my love story to you. Naksh says what to do, I met Kirti during Naira’s functions, I helped her thinking she is Naira’s nanand. Naitik asks why are you connecting this to Naira and her nanand, we want to know your love story. They go. Naksh thinks none should know his feelings.

Dadi calls Bhabhimaa and asks did Naksh tell you all. Bhabhimaa says yes, nothing is imp to us than children’s happiness. Dadi says I m glad, we will find a mahurat and meet, I had a request, Kirti and Naksh’s happiness caught bad sight before, so I was thinking to do a ritual, will you send Naksh tomorrow morning. Bhabhimaa says he will come, we will meet and hug. Dadi smiles. Its morning, Kirti gives flowers to Naira. She says you did a lot for me, I m sure by one thing, since you came in my life, everything changed, I get inspiration and courage from you, I feel lucky tht you are my friend, Kartik is happy, my family is together all because of you, I met Naksh and got a hope again, I m so happy, thanks. Naira hugs her. Kartik and kids come and hug them. Dadi calls Naira to talk.

Naksh says I can’t go, I have imp meeting. Everyone give him things to take and ask him to go fast. Naksh gets angry and says I can’t go, please try to understand, my imp client is coming. He leaves. Naitik calls Naira to inform. Baisa looks on. Dadi says I m worried. Manish says think about us. Kartik says everything will be done. Naira sees Kirti standing away and smiles. She gets Naitik’s call. Dadi asks what happened. Naira says Naksh had a meeting, he went there.

Naksh is on the way and says I did not think this, how will I face Kirti, they can blame Naira for this, no. Dadi asks how is this not possible, tell him to come, I don’t know anything, call him. Naira sees Kirti sad and calls Naksh. Kartik says Naksh had some work, it happens with me also, I know Naksh, he is not such man to make excuses. Naira on call, asks what, there is no meeting. Kartik asks what happened. Naksh comes and greets them. Kirti and everyone smile seeing him. Naksh says sorry, I got late. Manish says we learnt you had a meeting. Naksh says yes, it got cancelled. Naira thinks why is he doing this. Dadi stops Naksh at the door and says you are our would be son in law. She does his tilak. Surekha, Suwarna and Naira do his aarti. Kartik and Akhilesh lift him and take him inside. Kartik gets Kirti to Naksh. Dadi wards off bad sight. They give shagun to Naksh. Everyone smile and dance around Naksh and Kirti. Kartik takes a selfie.

Pandit tells two mahurats. Dadi asks Kirti to say what’s in her heart. Kartik says they should spend time, we should not hurry.

Update Credit to: Amena


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