The inspector is ordered to let Saanjh’s family go. Saanjh tells the inspector that she didn’t pass law college just like that. Just like this, she will get Ayan out of jail and prove Arjun innocent. He can do whatever he wants. Saanjh leaves with her family.

Maya is angry as Arjun betrayed her. Other side, Arjun says Maya saw Arjun’s beyhadh love so far, now she will see his beyhadh hatred.

At home, Saanjh thanks Suman. Suman sees some policemen keeping an eye on their home. She starts acting and shouting at Saanjh for sending them to jail for Arjun. From today, no one will talk about Arjun. She points Saanjh there are policemen. Saanjh starts fighting that she will do anything for Arjun. They continue their drama loudly so policemen can hear that Suman will leave the house.

Suman takes Saanjh on a side and tells Saanjh if she goes out, policemen will follow her. Saanjh says but it’s important for her to meet Arjun. They put a statue and wig near window and then Suman goes out with a bag. Policemen think the statue is Saanjh as they can only see the shadow. They still decide to follow Suman. After some time, they lose track of Suman’s car and then suddenly spots it. Suman returns home without the suitcase. Policemen think there is something wrong and they go to her house to check on Saanjh. Suman says she threw Saanjh out of the house, she doesn’t know where she is. Policemen say but Suman was leaving the house. They ask about the suitcase. Suman says she didn’t take any suitcase. They show her CCTV footage. Suman again starts drama and says it got stolen. Before they question further, she asks them to leave as they can’t come to a women’s house late night without a lady constable. Later it is shown that it was Saanjh in the suitcase and Suman dropped her at some place.

Saanjh meets Arjun. Saanjh says Maya is always ahead of them. They will have to be careful. Arjun says this time, they will be ahead of Maya. It won’t be possible for her to hide this time. A tiger first finds his target, then scares her, then attacks when it’s right time. They will do same with Maya, they will have to keep an eye on Maya, who she meets, where she goes. Whoever tried to tell Maya’s truth, she killed them all except Arjun. Saanjh says because she loves him a lot. His death meaning her own death. Arjun says this is what he doesn’t want to give her. He won’t kill her, she will stay alive and will beg him for her death. He will trap her in her own trap.

Saanjh and Arjun think of who could have helped Maya. Saanjh says Jhanvi? Arjun says no. Arjun says Samay is dead. They wonder where Maya could have gone.

Maya is in some factory. Someone comes there and she is shocked. It’s Samay. He says he had told her that her Samay will be back. He has returned again. Maya wonders how he survived and is in shock.

Precap: Arjun and Saanjh come to a hospital in a different avatar as an elderly couple. Saanjh gets admitted. Arjun tells Saanjh that he can’t leave her alone. Saanjh says they both want to take revenge from Maya and asks him to go. She will try to go to Maya’s room tonight only and try to find something.

Update Credit to: Simmy


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