Shivaay tells Ragini that they should involve police to solve Siddharth’s issue or she should make him understand. Ragini says she has tried it, but since he found out about engagement.. Shivaay says they are not engaged, nor they are going to be. And asks how he found out about engagement? He had announced it in his house. She says she doesn’t know and thank you him for supporting her. Without his support, she wouldnt be able to sit there without any fear. A message comes on her phone. She says Siddharth sent their picture of sitting in cafe. Shivaay says there is no one. Suddenly a car comes towards their table. Ragini gets prepared to move. Shivaay saves her. It was Ragini’s brother in car. Ragini gives him thumb up.

Pinky tells Gauri that Omkara will never accept her as his

wife. She can’t even speak properly. She insults her more saying their staff are of higher standard than her. Gauri feels bad and leaves.

Baby is with Bhavya. She gets a call and she has to go somewhere. She wakes up Rudra saying she has to go for work, there is emergency. Rudra says what she is trying to say that he doesn’t do any work? handling a baby is not easy. With baby, there are emergencies every hour, when baby gets hungry, cries, etc. It in itself is a mission. She says she understands and gives Baby to him. He says so cute to baby. She says he is also cute.

Gauri comes to Omkara and asks why he’s not letting her go. He asks her why she’s behaving like this. She asks what their relationship is? He doesn’t take her his wife. Then why she’s staying there. Is he keeping there for his guilt? He says it’s not about guilt.. she has done so much for his family. She did because it’s her duty as a wife. If he’s doing all this to pay her back, then he has already done enough for her and her mother, so let her go. Omkara says it’s not like that. She asks what is it then? He says he can’t give direct answers to some questions and leaves.

Bhavya shows cafe’s CCTV to Anika. Anika gets worried for Shivaay. Bhavya says he’s fine. Anika asks why she’s showing that to her then? Bhavya points out that Ragini was already prepared for the accident. Anika says that means Ragini did her accident purposely.

Ragini is with Shivaay. He’s calming her down. She asks him not to leave her and hugs him. Shivaay tells her not to worry, he has already informed commissioner. She says that she asked not to involve police. Shivaay says nothing will happen. Siddarth will get punishment for what he’s done. Ragini says in her mind, if there is any Siddharth. Anika sees them and says she will expose Ragini today. She then images her going into the room and trying to expose Ragini, but Shivaay not believing her. Bhavya tells Anika they will have to be calm and think ahead of Ragini. They will have to find out her past first. Anika agrees.

Baby is with Omkara and Gauri. She doesn’t stop crying. Omkara says Shivaay sings and Rudra dances and he doesn’t know both. Gauri sings. Omkara asks what singing is that. He takes baby and says he can’t sing, nor dance. Baby gets quiet. Omkara is happy and tells Gauri that he told her only he will be able to do it. Gauri says yea, that’s because baby is with his father. There is silence. Omkara feels baby has fever. He goes to Shivaay.

Anika and Shivaay see each other. Anika thinks of leaving before she says anything to Shivaay. Shivaay asks Anika what’s wrong. Bhavya comes there and Shivaay leaves. Bhavya tells Anika that she found Siddharth photo and he went to USA 2 years ago. Anika says that means there is no Siddharth. She hopes Shivaay doesn’t get into trouble by helping Ragini.

All 3 couples are with baby wondering why she’s not stopping crying. Shivaay says he doesn’t like name Bubli kept by Rudra. 3 brothers think of a new name. Shivaay says princess, Omkara says Madhumati. No one agrees with each other. Ladies join in now. Gauri suggests Bindeshwari, Laxmi, etc.. Rudra says what kind of names they are keeping for a baby like Pari. They all like name Pari. Baby also smiles. They think she also liked the name. They all guess what could be wrong with Pari. Shivaay says they should call doctor instead. Dadi comes outside and asks what’s going on. They say Pari is sick. Dadi asks who is Pari? Anika says Babli who was Bunty before. Dadi asks so Pari is final? They say yes. Dadi checks and says she’s just feeling cold from AC. Shivaay says they should still call doctor. Dadi says it’s their first time with baby, that’s why there are worried, but nothing is wrong. She goes. 3 brothers dance and sing for Pari. Anika says they show them attitude, but see how Pari is making them dance. Anika leaves. Shivaay follows and asks who is making whom dance? She asks why he’s asking when he knows. He says no one can make Shivaay do anything, he does what he wants. She says fine and leaves. She loses her balance. Shivaay catches her in his arms. Both have eye lock. Ragini sees them and is mad. He gets a call. He asks Anika to take it out as he has held her with his hands. She asks him then leave her and take out the phone. He says he doesn’t do what others ask. Anika removes the phone and gives it to him. It’s Ragini. Shivaay goes to her. Ragini shows him a message and says Siddharth will kill her. Bhavya tells Anika that she has cloned Ragini’s phone. Now they will be able to trace which number sent the message.

Tej is searching something. Svetlana asks what he’s searching for. He says whom he was searching is there now. She tells him not to be cute. She’s too smart.. she won’t keep proofs against him in her house. He asks then where it is. She asks why he wants to know. He says he’s just curious and tells her to stop doubting him. For her, he’s trapping his wife. Svetlana gets serious. He says he was just pulling her leg and hugs her. Both have some serious expressions.

Bhavya and Rudra are playing with Pari. Bhavya gets a call from ACP who tells her that she no longer needs to stay in Oberoi Mansion. There is a new assignment for her. Bhavya says but they still haven’t found the locket. ACP says they have already spent too much time and she wanted to leave Oberoi Mansion too, so he thought about it. Tonight a car will come to pick her up. Bhavya gets sad.

Rudra drops Pari to Omkara and gives him tips about taking care of babies. Omkara tells story to Pari. It’s about a princess leaving prince after saving his life. Gauri asks why she left him? He says maybe they weren’t made for each other. She asks what happened after? Where she went? Prince didn’t try to find her? They never met after that? Omkara closes the book and tells Pari, remaining story tomorrow.

Rudra tells Bhavya that Pari’s duty is hers tomorrow morning. Bhavya is unable to say that she’s leaving tonight.

Jhanvi is outside. She stops car outside temple and asks her driver to give money inside. Instead her driver, Svetlana comes in the car and drives rashly. Jhanvi is scared. Jhanvi tells her so it’s her whose trying to kill her. Svetlana says she doesn’t need to do anything, it’s Tej who is doing it all. Jhanvi says he’s changed. Svetlana creates doubts in Jhanvi’s mind saying it can’t be coincidence that Tej was at home when incident happened. And also how come she knows that such incident happened? Jhanvi says.. Tej? and recalls Pinky telling her that she saw Tej and Svetlana together.

Precap: Bhavya comes in the car and she’s attacked by someone. Bunch of goons enter Oberoi Mansion.

Update Credit to: Jenny


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