Sona stands outside bathroom door and tells Dev that Suha had an essay competition in school. She had to write good and bad things about her parents. She got less marks because she wrote all good things only. She thinks they are perfect. She says that they fight, get angry, there are some things that she doesn’t like about him. When he keeps an eye on her, she feels like locking him up in room. But then there’s time when she comes home and he’s not in house, then house looks empty. It’s confusing for both of them, but that’s what love is. Relationship can only be if both support each other and try to make things perfect. She says she loves him a lot. She asks him to say something. A servant comes to take Dev’s tie. She asks where Dev is. He says Dev

is leaving for the office.

Elena asks Vicky what he is hiding. He says it’s all for her and Golu. She really wants to see it? She says yes. He shows them their pictures from a pen drive on his laptop and says he thought pen drive can be damaged, so he thought to print those pictures and make an album. He wanted to keep it a surprise, but.. Elena is happy.

Sona comes outside and asks Ishwari whether she seen Dev. Ishwari says he left. Sona’s mum calls Sona and tells her that she’s going to become a bua soon. Ronita is expecting. Sona calls Elena and Ishwari. All are happy and excited. They congratulate Ronita. Sona calls Dev to inform him. Dev is on other call. He sees Sona’s call coming in, but doesn’t pick up. Sonakshi says he seems busy. Dev’s youngest sister says how that is possible. Dev is never busy for Sonakshi and asks her to try again. Sonakshi says it’s okay.. she will send a message.

Golu is teaching Suha how to cheat in exam. She says she won’t be able to do it. Golu encourages her.

All family members are taking care of Ronita for every small thing and making sure she is comfortable. Sona comes there and is stunned by her family’s behavior. She tells them to give Ronita some space. Sona looks at her phone and makes a sad face. Her mum notices it.

Vicky meets Dev’s competitor and gives him the software in return of money.

Dev looks at Sona’s empty chair and recalls recent events. He is upset with her and decides he won’t ask her or tell her anything.

Vicky is finding an expensive camera for Elena. He tells her that her husband is not a kanjoos anymore. She is happy.

Sona brings Ronita to a doctor. Sourav calls for Ronita. Hearing their conversation, Sona gets memories of Dev taking care of her while she was pregnant. She is waiting for Dev’s call.

Dev returns home. Golu wants to go outside. Dev says, not today. Ishwari sends kids to do their homework. She asks Dev, so early. He says, just like that. She asks he didn’t bring Sona with him. He says she’s not in office. She says he doesn’t know where she is? She might have forgotten and if she didn’t tell, then he could have asked. She calls Sona from Dev’s phone. Sona gets happy seeing Dev’s call. Before she picks up, Dev takes his phone from Ishwari and disconnects the call. He says she will be back once her work is done. Sona calls back, but Dev disconnects. Dev says in his mind, I didn’t call you, Sona, so don’t be misunderstood. I know if Maa didn’t call you from my phone, then you wouldn’t have called back. If you love me, then prove it. I have turned off my phone. Now I will see what you do. Whether you leave everything and come or no. I am waiting. Come on Ms. Bose.

Precap: Sona and Elena hear Vicky’s convo with Dev’s competitor.

Update Credit to: Simmy


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