Maya asks Samay how he’s alive. Samay says she is calling for person (Arjun) who didn’t even finish last wish and she’s going away from person who didn’t leave supporting her till the end. They had promised they will live together and die together, then how he could have left her for dying. Maya falls on floor. Samay goes closer to her and says he’s hers and she’s his. He loves Maya. Maya runs away. She is in a jungle. Samay says, run Maya run, but remember no one can run from Samay. In fact, Samay makes everyone run. Maya is relieved.

Arjun says they are missing one clue. How and when Maya planned all this. Saanjh says maybe asylum? She says no, she can’t play all this alone. There must be someone with her. How will they find that out? Arjun says, simple

by going to the asylum.

Maya is still running in jungle. Samay comes from nowhere and grabs her. He says from whom she’s running is her destination. Maya bites his hand and runs, but she falls down in mud. Samay grabs her leg. Maya asks him to leave her. He asks who has got saved from Samay. She keeps forgetting what he said that him and Maya will always be together. She says they were never together and will never be together. She throws mud on his face. Samay doesn’t leave her. Maya kicks him which angers him.

Arjun says they want to go Maya’s hospital but what excuse they will give. Saanjh says multiple personality disorder. Arjun thanks her for always helping him. He says he won’t spare Maya and won’t die before revenge. Saanjh says he won’t die even after that. It’s a deal and she asks for pinky promise. Arjun goes back in his old days. He says how times have changed.

Arjun and Saanjh come to the asylum in an elderly couple avatar. Doctor asks how he can help. Arjun says he’s come for his wife’s treatment. Doctor asks what happened to her? Any reports? Arjun says yes and gives him the reports. Arjun and Saanjh wink each other. Doctor says so she has multiple personality disorder? Saanjh starts acting of different personalities from movies. Doctor admits her.

Maya asks Samay to leave her. Samay says they are two sides of a coin. Both are incomplete without each other. There is only one person who can love her and it’s him. Both are incomplete without each other’s love. They must come together. Maya says she will never be his because she hates trash. She again manages to run away. Samay kisses the mud where Maya walked. Maya sees a truck on a road and gets into it. Samay sees that, but the truck leaves.

All mental people are gathered around Saanjh. Arjun goes in Maya’s room and tries to find clues. He finds a heart with letters A and M in it. Arjun recalls Maya had drew same on his hand one day. Other side, Maya has drawn same heart on a box in truck and says she tries her best to keep Arjun with her, but Arjun made all her efforts unsuccessful.

Saanjh also comes in the room. Doctor comes and says you two in this room? Arjun says she wants this room. Doctor says no, it’s not allowed. If he gives the room, then patient will die. Whoever got admitted in this room, something happened to them. One patient disappeared, another patient died. Arjun asks who was the patient? Doctor says Maya. Her husband dropped her there while she was pregnant. And when she got out, her husband killed her. Arjun gets mad, but Saanjh controls him. Saanjh acts again and refuses to leave, but doctor doesn’t want to give that room. He takes them to a different room and tells Arjun he can leave now. They start drama so the doctor allows Arjun to stay there too, but they are unsuccessful. Doctor goes to get papers ready. Arjun tells Saanjh that he can’t leave her alone. Saanjh says what’s important now is revenge from Maya. Arjun says there is too much risk. She says in friendship, they take risk for each other. Arjun hugs her.

Maya wakes up and finds Samay sitting in front of her in truck. He asks where she will go now? She has no option now, but to go to him.

Precap: Samay reminds Maya that Arjun wants to expose her to the world and gives her option to go to Arjun or to stay with him.

Update Credit to: Simmy


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