Munni comes to Tanu’s room and questions her about her cosmetic items. Tannu was irritated. Munni asks if this foundation hides the marks, how much marks Tanu has over her face. Tanu was irritated and tells her to leave the room, else they will throw her out of the house. Munni deters Tanu that she brought her and Aaliya here. She asks Tanu why Abhi left her, she knows they had an affair. Aaliya comes to calm Tanu and sends Munni away to do her work.
Abhi recalls the time Pragya chose clothes for his concerts. He thinks to let her select his clothes, then wonders what if she selects clothes of her style for him today. He tries to decide his clothes. He checks his cell phone with missed calls from Purab. Purab tells Abhi he reached here, will soon meet Haryana. He says people at Haryana are

really simple and different. Abhi asks if the difference is like the old and new Pragya, he says she changed a lot. Purab says Abhi must have loved her the same even if she came with a new face. Purab tells Abhi to go to some expert if he holds any doubt. Abhi says he will take care of her, like she brought his memory back he will also bring the old Pragya back. He suggests Purab to become the old one, and find a love; he suggests Purab to revive Bulbul in some other girl. Purab takes a leave for Abhi. Abhi thinks only the girl who loves Purab can bring him happiness.
Mr. Khandewal welcomes Purab. He shows him cash payment. Purab asks why he is giving him this cash amount. Mr. Khandewal says he got much cash from his sold land. Purab says he can’t carry such a huge amount in an unknown city. Mr. Khadewal tells him to deposit the cash in bank here and asks about his bank.
A man was informing a gang of thieves that the manager of Abhi will take 50 lac in bag. The thieves tell him to do what they say, he will get his share. Mr. Khandewal sends Purab with the same spy, Lucky who was his driver.
Munni comes outside wondering how such a nice brother can have such an evil sister. Abhi and dadi come there. Dadi says Munni has come facing a lot of troubles, she thinks to keep a Shanti Pooja at home. She says this Abhi is busy with his work. Munni says they must keep Pooja before anything, Pooja gets them rid of all the trouble makers. Dadi cheers that even Pragya is with her, she insists on Abhi to agree as well. Abhi says Pragya is weak and how would she manage, Dadi says Pragya doesn’t have to do any work. She tells him not to worry about her health, they will all arrange and Pragya will only participate. Abhi says his heart still doesn’t agree.
The next morning, Dadi tells the family about Pooja tomorrow. Dadi says Pragya made him up for Pooja. She is aware what this Pooja means for spouses. Mitali was reserved why they never did the Pooja for them. Dadi tells Mitali to go and her mother in law and do this. Aaliya and Tanu hear about the Pooja.

PRECAP: Tanu tells Aaliya she can bet she is Pragya, else she wouldn’t have agreed for Pooja. Aaliya suggests to forbid her. If she agrees she is Munni, if not she is Pragya.

Update Credit to: Sona


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