Samay takes Maya in a truck and asks how will she go away from him. Maya gets up and tries to run. Samay stops her and asks how can she go away from him, if she calls truck driver, she will be caught easily, she does not have any other option than returning to him. She pushes him and jumps from truck and escapes. He smirks from truck.

Arjun and Saanjh disguised as old couple in mental asylum search for clue. Arjun says he will not let her here in risk. She asks him to go out and sends him out. He walks holding stick as an old man. Mental ladies surround him. He runs away. They surround Saanjh next. Saanjh thinks she has to reach Maya’s room at any cost to know the clue where she is now. She runs and locs herself in a room while mental ladies continue beating door.

Maya runs and

hides into a secluded bungalow with a board not to enter in. She panics seeing things around and herself in mirror. She sees Samay behind her in mirror and gets afraid. Samay holds her and says she cannot escape from him. She says when she can kill him once, she can kill him again. She tries to stab him with glass piece, but he holds her hand and says she cannot do anything. He says she can run wherever she wants. She runs. He says she can run, but cannot escape.

Saanjh takes food from warden disguised as old patient. Arjun peeps from window and thinks why dusky is not giving a hint that she is fine. Watchmen notice and catch him. Maya on the other side rushes towards main gate and stops seeing policemen. Samay says she has two choices, if she goes out, she will meet Arjun, if she walks in, she will meet him. Mental patients surround Saanjh and insist that she is a detective and knows how to escape from here, another one says she is running from police. Maya walks towards gate anxiously and opens it. She walks away while policemen are busy chatting. Samay hides behind tree. Police leave in jeep. Samay comes out and shouts Maya, starts searching her. Maya comes out of water drum. She walks into a house and relaxes. She turns and is shocked to see Samay holding gun at her.

Watchmen ask Arjun why is he peeping in. Arjun says he got his wife admitted here, was never away from her in life, who will serve him tea now. Watchmen say they will get him tea and take him along. Samay tells Maya if he cannot get her, then he can kill her, he will shoot her first and then will shoot himself.

Precap: Peons give electric shock treatment to Saanjh. Samay shoots bullet at Maya saying if he cannot live with her, he can die with her.

Update Credit to: MA


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