Scene 1
Rishi smiles at her and holds her hand, he says do you really want me to go away? She looks at him in tears, he says say it please, she cant say it and just nods. Door bell rings, Tanu moves away and says who can it be at night? Rishi says I will go and check. Tanu says no i check, she leaves. Tanuja opens door and is shocked to see Naitra there. Naitra says are you trying to comeback to Bedi house again? are you starting to love your old love again? Tanu says no, Naitra says if your love comes to your house, will you stop him here? Tanu says no. Naitra says then call Rishi and tell him that I have come to take him. Manpreet calls Naitra. Naitra says one minute, my brother in law is calling. She takes call, Manpreet says Rishi is at home and he is searching for you, Naitra says he was not at

home right? Manpreet me and Rishi went to see boxing match but he is home now and searching for you, come home fast, she says okay, she ends call and says i am sorry, he went to see boxing match, sorry, she turns to leave but Tanu is confused and stops her, she says nothing, Naitra nods and leaves. Rishi calls Manpreet and asks what was Naitra doing here? Manpreeet says I followed Naitra and before she could question Tanu, i told her that you are home, Rishi thanks him and ends call. Tanu comes to him and says Naitra came, I didnt like to lie to him, she is in tears. Rishi says Manpreet told her that I am home, so dont worry. Tanu says if I told her that you are here and then she would have fought with me and what if Natasha saw it? I felt like I am second woman in your life again, Rishi says but.. Tanu says to Rishi that stay away from me, my daughter and my house or else end wont be good, Rishi says wont be good? why who will come between us? Tanu says Abhishek, my husband, Rishi says I am going but wish Abhi was never between us, I just hate him, I wont ever come to your house, he leaves. Tanu looks at him leaving in tears. She recalls him asking if she really wants him to leave? Laal ishq plays.

Manpreet is sitting in Rishi’s room. Naitra comes there and asks Rishi where are you? Manpreet hides behind couch and says I am rishi singh Bedi speaking, what do you want? Naitra comes to him and asks why he is mimicking Rishi? Manpreet says I was just testing if you recognize his voice or not. Naitra says where is Rishi? Manpreet says he.. Rishi comes behind them, Manpreet hints him to go to bathroom. Rishi leaves. Manpreet says to Naitra that see its smelling so good in here, Naitra asks if he is drunk? Rishi comes out of washroom drying his hair, Naitra says you were finding me? Rishi says inform me before going out at night, she thinks he worries for me, how sweet, she says good night and leaves.

Scene 2
Tanu comes to her room and looks at window, she thinks he comes in my life through this window, storm comes in house through windows, she closes window and thinks I was alive without him too, and i will live without him because my life is Natasha now.

Rishi says to Manpreet that why people get married? Tanuja left me and married that Abhishek, she didnt even think about me, I didnt get married, I still love her, if she didnt get married then we would meet and love openly, Manpreet says she is married now so leave it. Rishi says I can get her divorced in a blink, Manpreet says how? Rishi shows him phone and says I stole Tanuja’s phone, I will message AK. Manpreet says he will reply then what will you do? Rishi says that is the problem, there is one more problem I told her that I wont go to her house but you know I am stubborn and will not leave her like that, I had to go because of that Naitra, you must think I am crazy, Manpreet says but I love you.

In morning, Manpreet wakes up and sees Rishi trying to unlock Tanu’s phone, Rishi says jit got blocked, Manpreet says we decided that you wont try to get her divorced, Rishi says they dont even seem like married, I just want to see what they message to each other. Manpreet snatches phone from him and says stealing phone is a bad thing.

Tanu comes to Natasha and asks if she saw her phone? Natasha laughs. Tanu calls her phone from landline. Rishi panics seeing call coming on Tanu’s phone. Natasha asks Tanu if someone stole it? Tanu says we will know. Rishi takes call and says hello? Tanu says Rishi? my phone is with you? Rishi says sorry, I mistakenly took your phone, I will come and give it to you, she screams that no need to come here.. I mean give in a restaurant. Rishi says I am sorry, I will come home, Tanu says please, Rishi says listen.. she ends call. Tanu says I found my phone, lets go to school. Natasha says I thought you think I stole your phone, let me go to school now.

Rishi says she said to not come home, Manpreet says dont disturb at her home, she wont do your aarti at home so its good to meet her outside.

Tanu brings Natasha to school and asks her to not fight with anyone, Natasha says they lie, I dont fight, Tanu says I know who lies, Natasha glares at her and leaves. Natasha’s teacher comes there and says I went to mandir, I have brought parsad for you, its Maa Kali’s bindi, its sign of strength, i remember you fighting with those terrorists like Maa Kali gave you strength. Woman says you have got bindi in parsad, it will give you strength, Tanu says even my birth is her blessing and about that terrorists, Kali comes to help people, she thanks her and leaves.

Rishi comes to restaurant. Manager meets him and says I have information and have her phone number too, Rishi says I have met her so no need. Manager says sorry to say but the person with whom she came that day, she doesnt love him, the man(Abhi) whom you had a fight remember? Rishi says are you sure? Manager says I have experience and I am sure she doesnt love him, she loves you. Rishi thanks him and hugs him, he sees Tanu coming there. Rishi whispers to manager that tell that her too. Manager says I am telling from experience that the person you came with that day, you dont love him, you love Rishi. Tanu glares at him, Rishi says you are a rockstar, thank you, manager leaves. Rishi smiles at Tanu and brings her to corridor. He gives her phone, Tanu says what happened with manager? Rishi says it was truth, I thought to leave you but that manager changed my mind, its truth. Tanu says I was scared about it, now manager is saying it then people will start joining my name with your name, Rishi says if your name is joined with my name then do you have a problem with that? are you scared, Tanu says no but there is society, your family, my family inbetween us now. Rishi says our love comes first before anyone, forget the world and just think about our love, become mine only please, Tanu looks on.

PRECAP- Rishi cups her face and says we will live together, we will make a life together, we will love each other, how to tell you that I love you, I love you so much.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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