The Episode starts with Naitik saying congrats Manish ji, its decided about marriage, tell us the place, we will get baraat anytime you say. Manish says no, marriage will happen where you want, the way like you say, in a grand way with all rasams, its enough that you respected our opinion, why to keep our happiness away by fear of others, this marriage will be grand than Naira and Kartik’s, give us a chance to serve you. Naitik says thanks, but everyone… Manish says they all agreed, don’t worry, we will meet for Tilak. Dadi stares at Manish.

Naitik says they said marriage will happen well, start preparations. Gayu feeds sweets to everyone. Dadi asks why did you say this when they agreed. Manish says there won’t be any problem, Suwarna and Naira help mum, we have less

time. Kartik comes and says there won’t be any preparations, don’t feel I m wrong, but we should not hurry. He asks Dadi to understand, Kirti and Naksh need time to understand each other. Dadi says relation becomes strong after marriage. Kartik says their case is different, they have gone through a lot.

She says their jodi is good, they will heal each other’s wound. Kartik says I m not against them, why this hurry. She says I have seen much world, its bad to delay. He says its right in some matters. She asks him to do anything he wants, I just want Kirti’s happiness, I will not delay, this happens in arranged marriages. Kartik says you are being stubborn now. Naira says no, she is saying right, I m sure Naksh and Kirti’s jodi will be good, why to keep them lonely. Kartik says we are doing big mistake, I regret you are not understanding me. Naira says I can understand you are worried for Kirti, let this be as decided. He asks them to do anything and goes.

Naira takes him to Kirti. Kirti asks him not to get angry, he is concerned but she also feels there is no need to wait, Naksh is very sensible, I m sure we will have good understanding, even if you feel you won’t be happy, I will refuse to Dadi, your decision values much to me. He hugs her and says nothing is imp to me than your happiness.

Its night, Naira hugs Kartik and asks him not to worry. He says I hope everything goes fine, if wrong happens with Kirti again, I won’t be able to tolerate it. Its morning, Kartik wakes up and sees candles. He sees Naira and asks why is she protesting. She asks him to fulfill her demands, else she will do hunger strike. She shows message boards. He reads… Hi, please agree, and smile, don’t be angry, I love you. He sits. She kisses him. He says don’t irritate me, give me some time, I will get fine. He goes.

Surekha says I spoke to designer, clothes will come tomorrow. Dadi says get clothes today itself. Naira says I will take Kirti for shopping, I will ask Gayu to get Naksh. Dadi says it will be great idea, they will meet and talk. They all look on. Dadi asks Naira to do her work. Kartik asks Naira not to do anything silly. She says I was saying, you also come to designer shop after lunch. He refuses. She insists. He asks her to leave hand and goes. Dadi says he went to office. Naira says don’t worry, he will come. She thinks she knows how to call him.

Naira and Kirti come to boutique. Naira asks her to just buy any pretty thing. They see dresses. Naira messages Kartik to come. Kirti says sorry. Naira says its fine, see dresses. She sees Naksh and makes Kirti wear chunri. Gayu gets Naksh to Kirti. Kirti smiles seeing him. Naira and Gayu laugh. Gayu says thank us for planning this date, it was Naira’s idea. Naira asks them to see clothes. Aditya comes there.

Manish asks what, how will we do this. Suwarna says no wedding planner will take this task on hand, we don’t get satisfied easily. Manish says we gave our word to Naitik, we have to think. Suwarna prays for help. Aditya says I was going to sign you, I signed document. He sees some clothes. Kirti asks Naksh his fav color. He says black. She says I always liked black. He feels sorry and thinks I won’t be able to give you love, I m not right choice for you. Naira sees them and prays for them. She thinks to do something to control Kartik. She tries a dress and clicks pic. She sends pics to Kartik. She says I told you I will call you any way, you will come any way now. He asks what happened to Naira. She texts sorry, work now, I disturbed you. He says I can’t work now.

Kirti says we both liked this dress. Designer lady comes and says Surekha called and said we have to hurry up, after all its Goenka’s daughter’s marriage. Lady says don’t you think Mansi is young for marriage, she is still studying, we made Kirti’s bridal clothes too, how is Aditya, we will make similar outfits for Kirti and Aditya. Naksh says wait, I want to clear confusion, Kirti and Aditya are separated, its my and Kirti’s marriage, you have to design for us. Naira smiles. Kartik looks on from far and smiles. Lady says I will show you a sherwani. Kirti smiles seeing him. Naira turns and sees Kartik. He hides. He says why am I hiding if I came, I m idiot to come seeing her pics. Naira asks why did you come, you were busy, go. He says yes, I was very busy. She says go. He says you think you are very smart, I have come and… She says I had to get you here. He holds her and says you are amazing. She says this is a boutique, someone’s workplace, and work is worship. He says I m loving you, love is also worship, you were sending pics. She says that was trial room, this is public place. He asks what enmity do you have with me, will you kill me. She pushes him and goes.

Kartik sings Chori chori chupke se….. and dances with Naira. Aditya smiles seeing Kirti. Kartik and Naira come in front.

Update Credit to: Amena


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