Nandini thinking about Chandra and dadi walks in and says are you thinking about Chandra,Nandini says yes dadi,dadi asks and what is it.
Nandini says no I meant Chandra nothing,I was reading this book,dadi says yes what does this book has about Chandra,don’t worry it happens in love,Nandini says no dadi,Chandra walks in,dadi says Chandra you know Nandini was reading book backwards and also not eating well these days.Chandra says let’s call doctor,dadi says what if his treatment doesn’t work,Nandini says nothing no need of doctor,dadi is here to talk about tomorrow’s Janmashtami arrangements,dadi says yes and I was also here to talk about bindusara I think he should have a brother or sister ,Nandini and Chandra blush,dadi says you are husband and wife why this shyness

and so tomorrow Nandini you perform the pooja so that you will have the blessings and dadi leaves.

Chandra asks what was dadi saying about disease,Nandini says nothing and leaves. Pandugan says with this I shall kill you Chandra and Magad will be mine,Malayketu walks in,pandugan asks what are you doing here,he says I know you are angry let’s get back together and focus on chandras death, I have no interest on this throne,but chandras death is my aim,pandugan says good this throne is mine,padmanands son pandugans.

Malayketu says after pooja,I will send Chandra to Sabha house ,you kill him there,pandugan says I was waiting for this day,Malayketu says come let’s begin with this friendship and hugs pandugan.and thinks with Chandras death you will be imprisoned and Magads throne will be mine.

Nandini thinking why am I always thinking about Chandra,Chandra walks in and says let me help you,Nandini drops flowers when Chandra touches her hand and says you go other way I will manage myself here and thinks why did I feel this when Chandra touched me,Chandra thinks what’s wrong with her,Nandini thinks control your emotions,Helina sees them together and gets angry and leaves.

Helina says mora ma,look I got you a gift,and sits beside her near her feet and says I feel so good near you, I need your blessings too,mora says you are my daughter too you don’t have to sit on my feet,Helina says ma look Balkrishna for you, mora says this is given when you Want a women to expect a baby,Helina says this means I should be gifted it, ma binudsara is my son too but even I want to be a mother,mora says I understand your emotions,it’s a women’s biggest happiness,Helina says ma but when will I have these feelings because Chandra loves Nandini and I have nothing when she is the subject,mora says this isn’t so,you are the mukhyarani here you can do anything what’s the hurdle,Helina says anyways ma I have arranged pooja today I want you to be there and perform the Aarti I hope with your blessings I will have a baby next year,mora says yes I will perform the Aarti,Helina hugs mora.

Chaya says how beautiful is this arrangement,Chandra says your bhabhi did it,Chaya says Helina very nice,Chandra says no I meant Nandini,where is ma,Helina says she is unwell and resting she won’t come let’s begin with pooja,Panditji says let’s begin if rajmata won’t participate,Nandini steps and begins with pooja,Nandini calls Chandra to join him,mora walking towards pooja,Helina walks to her and says ma sorry I tried stopping but Nandini and Chandra didn’t want to delay pooja,I’m very upset too ma,I couldn’t see the insult,Nandini should have understood but look.

Mora walks to see Chandra and Nandini performing pooja together and is very angry,Malayketu says today our mission shall be completed . In bedroom,Nandini feels the current again,Chandra asks what’s wrong,Nandini says what’s in your hand I know you are up to a prank and why are you smiling,I feel current when you touch,Chandra asks where did I touch tell me,Nandini says nothing,Chandra says no let me and touches Nandinis cheek and she says see i felt again,Chandra says see you touch me,Nandini touches him and feels It,Chandra says this is in your mind,dasi informs security minister is waiting for him its urgent,Chandra says I’m leaving now but I shall continue later.

Mora says Chandra for you your mother isn’t important any more,the words of insult still prick me,Helina says ma Chandra isn’t at fault its Nandini,Chandra has been turned into puppet, she targets you me Chaya, it’s her game for this throne,for now I’m worried if it’s not bindusara next,mora says Helina what do you mean,Helina says I saw last Night pandugan say only Nandinis son will be next king of Magad ,for now it’s fine what will happen when Nandini will have a baby,mora says first father now his daughter I won’t let anything harm Chandra now and now see what rajmata does.

Minister says maharaj Amartya has been found and he is up to his new army and on his go to attack Magad,its only acharya Chanakya who can deal with this problem,Chandra says I’m acharyas student and it will be as a thank you to him when I stand on his teachings and find Amartya ,Chandra leaves.

Malayketu gives minster money and says remember no one should learn that it’s me behind you,minister says but I shall always remember you and come back when I need you,Malayketu gets angry and kill him and says no one dare trick malayketu and he doesn’t leave any signs behind.

Nandini says dadi was right I’m unwell, I hear music I see Chandra everywhere.chandra enters the room.Nandini says lOok Chandra, it’s so hot here,Chandra says no it’s so pleasant here,and what’s wrong why are you behaving so wired,and when Chandra touches her Nandini feels the current,Chandra picks her up and puts her in bed but slips,both looks at eachother ,Nandini thinks today I don’t want you to go,Chandra says I’m sorry my leg slipped I hope you are fine,and I have to go and leaves,Nandini thinks am I really in love.

Pre cap : Nandini says you aren’t rajmata but a murderer,Chandra says ma you murdered an innocent and so you will also be punished.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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