Scene 1
Tanu and Rishi are in restaurant. Rishi asks her to think about their love only. Tanuja tells rishi there was a time when she wanted to be all his but now time has changed and it is hard for her also to tell him to stay away from him. Rishi asks if she loves him. Tanuja says there was a time when all she wanted was his love but she never got, he never became hers, always went away from her. Rishi tells her how much he loves her and how their love is not only of janam but all janam. Tanuja says maybe their love story was supposed to be incomplete like heer ranjha, laila majnu, etc.

Rishi tells how to make her understand how much he loves her and their love will not be incomplete, they will stay together and love each other and he only wants her to be back in his life and nobody can come

between them. Tanuja sees AK reflection and says Abhishek, rishi says not to take his name, tanuja leaves from there.

Tanuja returns home but doesnt find AK, she gets call from school about natz fight asking her to come. Rishi reaches home and thinks he doesnt want tanuja to have problem coz of him, netra comes and tells him about call from school.

Tanuja reaches school and teachers tells her to go to principal’s room. Netra and rishi also reach. They go inside and rishi is shocked to see tanuja. Natz comes to rishi and says Mr. Handsome she fought with me. Principal asks about tanya’s father. Teacher says RSB is tanya’s father. Princi says no he is natz’s father. Teacher says AK is natz’s father. Princi says like fathers daughters also fighting.

Princi talks to them and tells them to teach manners. Rishi is sitting with both tanya and natz on either side. Tanuja says she will make natz understand and tells thank you for consideration. Rishi tells natz to take care and he will meet her soon.

Netra instigates rishi how he could talk to natz so sweetly when she has hurt tanya and asks him to tell her to behave. Tanuja tells natz if she keeps fighting like this, she will be removed from school. Rishi comes and tells natz fighting is not good and not to fight, natz nods. Netra says how he could talk to nicely. Rishi again tells natz to be good. Tanuja intervenes and asks who is he to talk to her daughter. rishi asks natz if he ever talked to her rudely, natz says no and has always been nice to her.

Rishi and tanuja start fighting, rishi tells her not to take his anger on others. Natz says this is all coz of her that sukdi and tanya and natz fight again. Teacher comes and tells them to leave.

tanuja keeps on calling AK but he doesnt pick up her call. Natz tells tanuja she is angry with her for fighting with her Mr. Handsome where in fact she should have fought with tanya’s mom. Tanuja tells her to keep quiet. natz says she would talk to her.

Natz reaches and sees teddy. AK is back and tells natz how much he missed her. Tanuja tries to talk to him but he leaves from there. Tanuja goes to his room and AK asks her to tell her the truth now that he has seen it all and that he doesnt like lies. AK goes and gets the file from cupboard and asks her the story of the file. Tanuja remembers the note that rishi had given in file and starts explaining how story, she is from punjab and how she came to mumbai…

Precap- Abhi asks tanuja why she is working as caretaker when she can do much better.
Tanuja asks rishi to stay away from her life, rishi asks her what about the love he can see in her eyes, tanuja tells him he is her past and Abhi and Natasha are her present and future.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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