Saanjh tells peon she needs to make only one call. Peon says he will cancel deal then and asks to walk with him silently. Arjun waits outside mental asylum and thinks why is Dusky not coming out. Maya tells Samay that she wanted to get back to him after Arjun’s death, but Arjun again betrayed her. Samay says he will not let her fail, Saanjh and Arjun have taken same route through which he came. He shows live CCTV footage where Saanjh walks with peon. Peon gives Maya’s papers to Saanjh and asks money. Saanjh says he did not let her call, how can she arrange money. He snatches papers and says money first and then papers. Saanjh says she will give his money once she goes from here. Peon repeats first money and then paper. She gives him diamond ring and says he can sell it and get half money,

rest she will give him once she is out of here. Peon gives papers and leaves. Maya gets tensed seeing this live on mobile. Samay say he will not let her die. Saanjh sees blank papers and throws them angrily. Peon returns with his team and electric shock machine and ties her to bed and says there is nothing more than money in this world. He prepares machine for shock.

Maya continues watching live footage. Samay says Saanjh stands in front of her like a stone always, now he is getting her away. He will not kill her, but will give her electric shock and make her living body, Arjun dog will be in pain seeing Saanjh in this condition, their work will be done. Arjun waits for Saanjh outside room and notices peon’s shadows. Saanjh throws something and breaks glass. Arjun notices it and climbs pipe to reach her. Peon takes electric nodes towards Saanjh’s forehead. Maya anxiously watches it with her maniac expressions. Arjun reaches on time and beats peons. Samay thinks everything was going perfect, but Arjun ruined his plan. Arjun continues beating peons and rescues Saaanjh. One of them records while main peon tries to strangulate Arjun. Arjun overpowers him and Saanjh snatches mobile. Video stops on Samay’s mobile. Sanjh tells peon was video calling someone. Arjun pins peon and asks whom he was calling. Peon says he does not know and escapes. Saanjh says only Maya wants to see them in trouble. Arjun calls calls. Samay/Rajeec disconnects call repeatedly. Maya snatches mobile and picks calls. Arjun says Maya cannot hide even in darkness, wherever she is he will reach her as death, wait for his death. Maya shows her face and says she is waiting for him since long, please come, she wants to hug him once. Arjun angrily disconnects call.

Maya throws mobile and shoots it. Samay says Arjun cannot harm her. Maya says she knows, only Samay’s love proects her and she realized it late, she wants Saanjh dead now and if Samay’s love will give it to her. She reminisces Arjun’s words and smiles, tells Samay that she wanted to hear her name on Arjun’s tongue, she realized today why she is alive, till now she saw love and today saw hatred, even hatred. Samay says Saanjh and Arjun must be reaching here anytime, they should hide before that, they will leave this country and replan. Maya says she will not go anywhere, she wants to see Arjun’s power. Samay shouts she has gone mad, she has destroyed Arjun’s weakness. Maya says his biggest weakness is still alive, if she dies Arjun will win and she does not want him to win, asks Samay if he will help her. He says she should walk with Samay, else she will be ahead or behind him. He extends his hand and she holds it.

Precap: Saanjh tells Arjun before police comes, let us escape. Police surround building and warn Arjun he cannot escape. Samay says Arjun cannot escape now. Maya says he will come as enemity is great.

Update Credit to: MA


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