Vicky walks out of Dev’s house with his bag. Mamaji stops him and says he will not let him go. Vicky says he will scold him again that he is wrong and unfit to be his son, not a good father or husband, etc. Mamaji says he is thinking wrong, everyone love him and even Dev, he is perfect and problem is in his upbringing, if he gets a new life, he wants him again as son so that he can bring him up well. Vicky says it is too late now. Dev nervously walks in his room and Ishwari notices him.

Sona wakes up in the morning and says she is late for work. Dev says she has time till 12 a.m., he has arranged her meetings with clients at home itself. She says she cannot mix work and personal life and clients will feel odd seeing meeting her at home. Dev says when clients don’t have

problem, why she is having problem. After sometime, Sona gets ready to meet client and walks down. Ishwari sees her and says Dev told she will work at home and can concentrate on her job well. Sona says she does not want to mix personal and professional life and wants to meet client outside and leaves.

Suhana’s teacher takes all students out and ask them to walk in a que. Suhana gets distracted seeing a teddy and walks towards it. A speeding bike heads towards her. Golu shouts Suhanaa… Biker applies sudden brakes and Suhana closes her eyes in fear. Dev is in his office in a meeting with employees when he gets a call that Suhana met with an accident. He rushes to car and calls Sona. Sona is busy in a client meeting. Client asks her to pick call. She says it is okay. Client insists. She picks call. Dev asks her to reach Suhana’s school immediately and he does not have to argue. She rushes in car and gets stuck in signal. Dev calls her again and asks if she reached Soha’s school. She says she is stock in a toll plaza. He asks why did she go to Gurgaon. She says to meet client. He says it is waste talking to her. He reaches school and sees Suhana sitting on bed with bandage on her head. He asks if she is fine. She says yes. Vicky scolds teacher if she could not handle children, what if something had happened to Suhana. Dev walks to him and he leaves. Dev then scolds teacher. Teacher says Suhana got distracted seeing teddy and walked out of line, she wants to talk to him and Sona anyways and asks where is Sona.

Dev takes Suhana home. Sona reaches hurriedly and asks where is Suhana, why did not he inform that he brought Suhana home. He says he thought she is busy with client and stops her from going to Suhana’s room. Argument starts. He says he took a decision which he had to take long ago and says she will work from home hereon. She says what. He says his decision is final. Sona then walks to Suhana’s room and sees her sleeping and Ishwari sitting next to her. GKB comes and pleads Ishwari to forgive Vicky and let him in. Ishwari says it is Dev’s decision and he takes decision rightly, Vicky did not give him a chance to forgive. GKB then pleads Sona to ask Dev to forgive Vicky. Sona says this time she is thinking of only Soha. GKB says mother is always worried about her child, even she is worried about her son.

Vicky sees Elena on road carrying bags and says let him help her. She says no need. He asks if family is remembering him. She says no. He says then there is no chance for him to enter home. She says he has her and Golu and should change himself and give himself a chance.

Principal counsels Dev and Sona and says after an accident child needs moral support, but parents were not with child, they should be careful heron. Dev says he can understand his words and leaves with Sona. They reach home. Sona kisses her. Dev says he feels good when she pampers Soha. She asks whom he admires more. He says his mother. She says exactly, even she wants to do a lot or Soha and wants her to feel proud of her mother. Dev says his mother’s situation was different than her, they have everything. Sona says he has everything and she has not reached his status yet, she wants her daughter to feel proud of even her mother like her father. She continues explaining. Dev silently listens.

Precap: Sona asks assistant when is her next meeting. Assistant says there s no meeting at office. Dev calls her and says where is she, clients are waiting for her at home. Sona shouts Dev…Dev.. Ishwari hears Dev.

Update Credit to: MA


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