In mahal mora is being questioned,minister asks queen Nandini did you see rajmata killing pandugan and also she had slapped your brother,Nandini says yes,minister says even Malayketu was present did you see too,Malayketu says maharaj but I,minster says just answer what you are asked too,Malayketu says yes, minister asks rajmata do you accept it,rajmata says yes,he says accused has accepted it,mora says but I have an information,pandugan wants Ill he had plotted all this act so that he can rule over Magad,Nandini says no ma even doctor had examined him,mora says these are the weapons pandugan had while attacking the doll thinking it’s Chandra,Nandini says ma may be he attacked it as a doll,and if you had doubt why didn’t you inform maharaj earlier.

Mora says I have answer to this

too,these are bindusara toys,which are turned to weapons,no ill man can do it,it’s all pandugans plot, Chandra says call doctor,doctor says pandugan wasn’t taking his medicines at all and he should be having seizures but nothing of it was examined,mora says I also have few letters of pandugan,here you go,Chandra reads it,mora says all those attacks in mahal where all by pandugan and we have Malayketu with few proofs,Malayketu tells everyone it was pandugan who had kidnapped bindusara,Nandini thinks my own brother cheated me kept me under such big lie.

Chandra walks to mora and says I’m sorry ma,you had to go all this because of me,and as by proofs,pandugan was here to kill me and my son,and rajmata is declared innocent,mora walks away.Nandini says ma stop but she leaves. Nandini says ma I made such big mistake,because of my brother you have faced this insult I have to go talk to ma.

Nandini to mora,says I’m sorry,mora says I don’t need anything please leave,Nandini says ma when I had no one you stood with me,please at least look at me I beg of you and falls in moras feet,and says I can accept your anger but not this,mora says only Chandra can make decisions for you,and you said I’m not illegible to be called a mother,and anyways you have decided not to listen to me so better I leave,Nandini says no ma I shall leave please stay.

Chanakya performing pooja,his students walk in,Chanakya says yes tell me,he is told pandugan is dead you can now tie your hair,he asks who killed him,student says rajmata.

Acharya Chanakyas oath was competed and the difference between Chandra and Chanakya dissolved and he got acharya back to mahal.

Soon Nandini and Chandra passed their six months gap and both came close together and Chandra was waiting for Nandinis answer,Nandini accepted Chandra love,they accepted each other as husband wife.

Eight years letter when all was going well,it was time for a new storm waiting to enter Chandranandini life.

Nandini waiting for bindusara for his practise session,bindusara makes his way to fort,Nandini says today I shall punish him,bindusara rushes to him calling her ma,Nandini asks where were you,give me your hand where were you,bindusara shows his hand which are full of tamarinds,Nandini in tears,he says I heard you say you wanted to have tamarinds so I got you,Nandini remembers she similarly use to get them for her pitahamaharaj,Nandini hugs bindusara,bindusara says nothing more than your wish not even my studies,please taste it,Nandini tastes it,and she feels nauseous and giddy.

Nandini and bindusara asleep,dadi walks to them,dadi wakes Nandini and says when will your son leave you alone,bindusara says is my ma fine,dadi says your ma will soon be a mother,bindusara but she is already my ma,dadi says now you will have a baby to play with you,bindusara says really I’m so happy I will inform everyone and leaves,dadi says now look after yourself and also Chandra is coming back and you will not go he will come to you.

Bindusara shouts and announces everyone the news,he walks to mora and says choti ma will soon be a mother and leaves,mora thinks is this a happy news or sad,she always was with bindusara will she ignore him after wards. Helina practising with her son and he is very weak ,Apma says don’t waste your time,Helina says he is my son,he has to be more stronger than bindusara,bindusara rushes in and says badi ma,and puts sweet in her mouth and says choti ma will soon be a mother I’m so Happy and leaves.helina says this can’t happen,Apma says I was worried about this.

Chandra is welcomes in mahal,bindusara rushes to him and hugs him,Chandra asks why are you so happy,bindusara says choti ma will be soon a mother,Chandra rushes with bindusara to Nandini,mora says he never did this before left my Aarti and went away,dadi says even suryagupta was like him,he ran to you when Chandra was in your own,mora blushes.

Chandra says Nandini baby is kicking,Nandini says this happens after four months,Chandra says I’m scared but I met a astrologer on my way and he said,our son he will be like his father,Nandini says Chandra you scared me,I will be so happy ti have a son like you,Chandra says but he will look like monkey,Nandini says Chandra and it’s him,Chandra says and my son will be hit by his wife too ,both share a merry time.

Pre cap Apma says Helina use the step mother weapon now. Nandini says Chandra now my most of my time will be for bindusara.bindusara asks Nandini is he her step son.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


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