The Episode starts with Naira saying wrong would have happened. Kartik says no, love would have happened again, this perfume bottle has essence of my love. She says stop your filmi dialogues. He applies the perfume to his hand and touches her. Chukar gai……plays….. They romance. She says its such a strong smell. He says its ladies perfume, what will I say when people ask me. She says its because of me. They argue. He asks for some tissues to remove the perfume. Baisa says we will have food later, there is a rasam. Bhabhimaa asks which rasam is left now.

Baisa asks who knows more, this is groom’s family rasam, they made us do many rasam when they were groom’s family. Dadi says I have to do what she says, what can I do. Baisa gets a pot. She says you have to

fill water in this and do its puja, you have to take three rounds near Tulsi. They all ask Baisa to leave it. Baisa says fine, my duty was to say, they do rasam so that Tulsi maiyya protects girl’s husband, I will break this pot. Dadi holds the pot and says I m ready to do anything for Kirti and her husband’s happiness. Naitik and Manish ask Dadi not to do this. Dadi asks everyone not to stop her.

Naira says Naksh is always thinking about work. Kartik asks shall I teach him romance lessons. He stops Naksh and says till when will you discuss with Krishna manager, talk to Kirti. He asks Naira to call. Naira calls Kirti. Naira says we are not listening or seeing anything. They shut ears and turn. Suwarna and Surekha smile and say we are not listening or seeing anything. They shut ears and turn. Kirti compliments Naksh. He says you helped in selecting the sherwani. She asks did rasam get over. He says yes. She asks are you happy. He says yes, and you. She says a lot. He ends call. Suwarna and Surekha see the phone. Kartik and Naira see the phone.

Kartik says they are very boring. Naira says we will go downstairs now. Dadi asks Manish to help. He keeps pots on her head. Lav and Kush say everyone is good here, except Baisa. Baisa says water should not come out, else you have to take rounds again. Dadi starts walking. She stumbles. Naira and Karti hold the pot. Baisa says rasam broke, Dadi has to do Pariknama again. Kartik and Naira refuse for it. Dadi asks them not to say in between. Naksh asks Baisa to stop Dadi. Baisa says its not right, fine don’t do it. Naira asks Gayu to help her. She takes pot on her head. Baisa says this is not your work. Naira asks why, Kirti’s Maayka has to do this, I m that house’s bahu also, Kirti is my Nanand, and if I don’t do her marriage rasams, who will do. She does the Pariknama. Baisa and Dadi smile.

Dadi says my bahu completed rasam. Baisa says my daughter did this rasam. Dadi looks at Naira. Dadi and everyone come home. Suwarna does tilak and aarti. Akhilesh says Kartik and Naira went to temple. Dadi hugs Kirti and says I m very happy. Manish asks Kirti is she happy. She smiles. Suwarna says we will do tilak to Naira and Kartik. Dadi sends her. Naira comes. Dadi does her tilak and aarti. She asks where is Kartik. Naira says he went for office work. Dadi says its good, I have to talk to you. Dadi says thanks for doing duty of a Goenka, but why did you go there, I told you women won’t go there, its abshagun.

Dadi says Naksh is your brother, but there are other sisters, Kirti just has you. Naira asks can I be a sister and sister in law both. Dadi says girls should not marry then and not leave Maayka, women have to leave someone ad support family, we have to do our duty, I told my thing and now decision is in your hands, I want you to decide whom will you support, Sasural or Maayka. Naira cries thinking of Naksh. She says how can anyone choose one, I can’t make a choice.

Kartik and Naira say surprise will come before lights. Harry and Sejal come.

Update Credit to: Amena


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