Elena comes to Sona and asks her if she spoke to Soha. Sona says she spoke, but how can Soha fail in math, she is confused. Elena says something must be happening at school. Sona says she will go and meet Soha’s teacher tomorrow. Elena asks how was her date with date. Sona says she is writing restaurant review. Elena reads review about restaurant manager Vikram Tripathi/Vicky and is surprised. Sona says maybe he does not want her to see him like that. Elena cries hugging him. Sona consoles that everything will be alright. GKB hears them and gets emotional.

Sourav tells Asha and Ronita that he is nauseous. Asha laughs that these are pregnancy symptoms. Sourav says these are sympathetic symptoms which happen when someone s around pregnant woman. Asha says there is

nothing like that. Bejoy comes and asks if they have antinausea pill. They both laugh. Sona comes. They all get happy. Ronita takes Bejoy and Sourav to give medicine. Sona shows Soha’s marks card to Asha. Asha says looks like Soha knew each answer and wrote wrong purposefully to grab parents’ attention. It seems Sona and Dev are ignoring her and should try to give attention to her.

Mamaji sees GKB crying and asks reason. GKB says their son is working in a restaurant aas a manager. Mamaji asks who told her. She says she heard Sona telling Elena. Mamaji hopes Vicky does not do any mistake in his new job and consoles her that all jobs are equal.

Elena takes Golu and Soha to Vicky’s restaurant. Vicky enters asking cleaners to clean tables and is shocked seeing them. Golu gets happy thinking papa came to give surprise. Vicky asks Elena who told her. She says Sona and tells Golu that pappa works here as manager. Golu say eww..why don’t he apologize big cha and join him back. Elena says they came here to wish good luck to papa. Soha says daadi told no job is big or small, all jobs are equal and should done honestly. Golu insists Vicky to take him out. Vicky says he can drop them to school and requests his boss to let him off today, he will do overtime. Elena feels sorry for him.

Vicky drops Soha and Golu to school and plays blindfold with them. Dev with Sona also walks towards school holding ice cream for Golu and Soha. Sona says he is getting more romantic and bought icecream for her. He says it is for Golu and Soha. They reach school. Dev sees Vicky playing with them and Soha falling down and shouts how dare he is to touch his daughter. Vicky says Soha is also like his daughter, why will he harm her. Dev asks Soha if she is fine and slaps Vicky tightly. Soha and Golu ask Dev to stay away, he is bad. Sona takes Dev home.

At home, GKB comes angrily to Dev and asks why did he slap Vicky in front of children, did he do right. Dev says yes, he did and will do in the future also. GKB says he also did many mistakes, he left Sona for 7 years, disowned his sisters and mother, even then he is not pushed because he is Dev and this house belongs to him. She continues that nobody wants her here, so it is better to go. Sona says they all love her. Mamaji drags GKB away. Dev asks Ishwari if she thinks he is wrong. Ishwari says he is wrong, he should not have slapped Vicky in front of children, her son is wrong.

Dev sits in a corner and cries. Sona sits next to him. He asks how can maa tell I am wrong, I am just protecting Soha and Sona and I can go to any extent to protect both and what I did is not wrong. Sona says sometimes we do things unknowingly which we think are write but are wrong, he is not exception. She leans on his shoulder to console him.

Precap: Elena drags Golu and says they will go to papa and will not stay here. Sona stops her and says even Vicky will return. Elena says this decision has to be taken by someone/looking at Dev, and drags Golu away.

Update Credit to: MA


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