The Episode starts with Harry/SRK walking in Goenka house. Everyone greets Harry. Dadi wards off bad sight. Kartik says I m annoyed, you did not come in my marriage. Harry says you know my work. Kartik says she is my wife Naira. Harry says she is beautiful, you are lucky. Dadi asks where were you. Harry says I was with her and shows Sejal. Akhilesh asks who is she. Harry says she is Sejal, get some tea and water. Lav and Kush take them. Sejal says looks like we are back in Europe. Kids ask who is she. Sejal says I m Sejal, it means… Harry says its not necessary to say, she met me in Europe, she lost engagement ring, I m tour guide and thought to help her. They argue. Naira say they are like us. Suwarna says stop fighting, sit and have tea.

Sejal gets a call and goes. Kartik

sits with Harry and says my ring is lost, engagement ring, please help me. Harry says I can’t help. Kartik says you can help a girl, not friend. Harry jokes. Kartik says please help me. Harry says I have an idea, you steal Naira’s ring. Kartik asks what will happen. Harry says if her ring is lost, how will she scold you, she will get calm, you create romantic environment and make her wear ring. Kartik says brilliant idea and hugs him. Harry asks her to go to Naira.

Kartik wears a pot in hand and asks Naira to help. Naira asks what were you doing with pot. He says just help me, than scolding. She says I have to make food for Harry and Sejal, wait I will come. Butterfly…..plays…. Kartik and Naira have a moment. He tries to get the ring. She frees his hand from the pot. She keeps her ring aside. She sees the food burning on stove and runs, dropping the ring. Kartik gets the ring and kisses it. He dances and goes to Harry. Naira says where did my ring go.

Kartik shows the ring. Harry says congrats. Kartik says thanks to you. Harry says I m afraid Naira can do what Sejal did with me. Kartik asks what are you hiding. Harry says she has made me roam lots of roads. Kartik says you should have given me warning, I m gone now, if Naira feels mad instead bad, I will feel sad. Harry says everything will be fine. Kartik says you don’t know her, she will make me negative and name Jab Naira beat Kartik. Harry laughs.

Sejal says yes, I m lawyer and handle every family matter, come and meet me. She ends call. She sees Naira and asks why are you worried. Naira says my engagement ring is lost. Sejal says mine too, did you try to find. Naira says yes, I m scared, family will scold me, Kartik will be hurt. Sejal says I m lawyer and can handle any family matter, go and tell Kartik, maybe he understands.

Kartik comes to Naira and sees her crying. He hugs her and asks why are you crying. She says my ring is lost, I was telling you I will not lose it, I m sorry. He thinks Harry’s plan worked. She says I swear I did not lose it intentionally. He acts to remove the ting and keep in cupboard. He says even my ring is gone, we both will be scolded now, I promised you I will not let you get hurt, its time to fulfill promise. She says I love you and hugs. He says I love you too, come, we will go.

Naitik and everyone like the cards. Baisa says its according to our family. Naitik says we printed thiss with love. Gayu reads the names. Bhabhimaa says you wrote Naira and Kartik in our card. Naitik says yes. Naksh says if Dadi reacts then. Naitik says then I will show we are groom’s family. They laugh. Mishti asks Naksh to message Kirti.

Kartik says none will scold us, I m there. Harry and Sejal compliment their jodi. Sejal says we should have dance on a romantic song. Kartik asks which song. Hawayein…..plays….Harry and Sejal dance, along Kartik and Naira. Sejal asks did Kartik get angry. Naira says no, he said I love you. Sejal says I m lawyer and find it fishy. Naira says I also felt why did Kartik not say anything. Dadi says we did not write cards, you invite Harry and we will send card later. Manish says Harry, like Kartik said, Kirti’s marriage is fixed with Naksh, you and Sejal can come. Harry says we would love to come. Sejal says we will wish Kirti.

They wish Kirti happy married life. Kirti says thanks, we would have liked if you were there. Harry asks her to watch their movie and meet them, thanks for love and respect. Kartik and Naira dance on Main bani teri radha…. Harry and Sejal also dance and hug. Harry and Sejal leave. Everyone waves to them. Surekha praises them. Akhilesh says we will surely see Jab Harry Met Sejal. Everyone goes to see work. Kartik says Naira, Harry and Sejal’s story is like ours. Naira says yes, her ring is lost and mine too. Kartik asks her to do work. He goes. She says there is something fishy. Maid gets Kartik’s ring and gives her, saying I got this in garden. Kartik says Harry saved me. Naira says Kartik’s heart is black, I will see him.

Dadi says we have to take care of Akhand jyot. Naira says I will manage, you go and sleep Dadi. Naira sleeps while the cards and temple area catches fire.

Update Credit to: Amena


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