The Episode starts with Naira saying everything is ready, Dadi will come and we will start tika. She asks maid to shut door, jyot is lighting. She gets dizzy and says maybe I m getting sleep, I took responsibility of Kirti’s happiness, I have to keep my promise to Dadi. She turns and sees Dadi, Suwarna and Surekha. Dadi asks shall we start puja. Dadi lights the diya. They do tilak to the cards. Kartik takes photo. Naira says you all go and rest, I will manage. Suwarna says you maybe tired, you also rest. Naira says no, its just matter of one hour, I will go and sleep when mahurat ends. Dadi says fine, stay here. They go. Naira says its matter of one hour.

Kirti says atleast Naksh tries to say, I understand, but I don’t know what to write. She tries a necklace. Suwarna and Surekha

come and say enough, you will catch your bad sight, you look lovely. Surekha gives her chandan to keep near headside while she sleeps. They make Kirti ready and take her pictures. Surekha asks her to send pictures to Naksh and ask what he likes. Kirti says I can’t do this. Suwarna says we will do, and sends pictures to him. She says we also know what happens these days. Surekha jokes. Suwarna says check, if her reply comes. Kirti says its 12, everyone sleeps at this time. Surekha says one who gets married does not sleep so soon. They laugh. Naksh types message and deletes it. He then messages her.

Naira says I have to teach a lesson to Kartik, its just half an hour now. She tries to avoid sleep. Naira sleeps. The door opens by wind. Diya drops a spark. The place catches fire. Kartik comes there and gets shocked seeing fire. He shouts Naira. She wakes up and gets shocked seeing the fire. He runs to her and lifts her. She picks the cards. He says leave it, Naira come. He takes her away. She says cards, Kartik no. He says come to senses, are cards more imp or you, leave it. She cries. She turns and sees Dadi. Dadi cries seeing the fire. Everyone comes and get shocked. The men get water and put off the fire. Kartik hugs Naira and asks are you okay, leave the cards. Kirti says thank God, nothing happened to Naira.

Kartik says I just want to say…. Dadi signs him to stop. He says I m sorry, I want to clear one thing, all this was an accident, its not Naira’s mistake, we should be thankful its not any big loss. She agrees and asks shall I not get annoyed for her carelessness, its not her mistake that fire caught up, did she not know about the fire, she could not save cards. He says she was not fine, she slept. Dadi asks why did she take this responsibility then, she asked this herself, I refused to her, even then she asked me to trust her, my mistake was to trust her, if she was ill, why did she act to be good, abshagun happened. He says no, Naira wanted to do this by heart, about cards, there will be some way. Dadi says you have answer for everything, why did this happen, how to make this fine, tell me. Manish says there is no way to make this fine, I think we have to cancel our puja, cards can’t be arranged. Akhilesh agrees. He says press is shut for two days, Kartik tell us what to do. Dadi asks him not to ask Naira anything, else Kartik will be annoyed. Kartik says you are mistaken.

Dadi says sorry, I got mad by worry, I can’t understand anything, explain one who understands, I m going. She goes. Everyone leave. Naira cries.

Naira thinks of something. Kartik comes and hugs her. He asks her to rest, she is not fine. She says no, we have to think something right now. He feeds her medicines. He asks her to let him help. She says my work can’t happen without you, we have to think something stylish and unique, like something we can send by mail and phone. He says superb idea. They design the card online. He takes care of her. They send the invitations. Its morning, Dadi says its good Kartik and Naira have send wedding invitations to everyone. Dadi asks about Rakhis. Surekha says it will come. Dadi says it should be gold string, Naksh is our would be son in law. Naira’s rakhi should be very costly. Surekha says it will happen.

Naira sits to make rakhis. Kids says Surekha orders from designers. Naira says my mum used to make it on own, I forgot to book beautician for Kirti. She asks kids to be here and goes. They say Naira works a lot, we should help her. Dadi sees kids with rakhi things. Surekha says maybe its their school project. They go. Naira comes back and says you can stay here, but don’t disturb me. Gayu and Mishti also make rakhis, and ask Naksh not to see it. Naksh smiles and says fine, I won’t see, but I know what you guys are doing, is Naira coming tomorrow. Gayu says yes, its rakhi day. Naksh says I m going for yoga. Naitik says he is staying much busy. Gayu says he is going for yoga instead taking Kirti for date, is he running from us, he does not like how we tell him everything to do. Rajshri says don’t know Naira got time to make rakhis.

Kartik takes kachori from Lav and asks how did you get this. Kush says Naira made this for me. Kartik says you don’t help her. Lav says you had breakfast, but she did not eat anything. Kartik calls out Naira. Naira comes and says I went to get jewelry. Kartik asks how did you get drenched. She says by rains. He asks did you not have rains. She says there was traffic, so I have come by walk. They argue. He says you will change and rest now, I m your husband, who else will teach you.

Yash says you can’t fool me, tell me the truth. Naksh asks why are you after me. Naira asks why are you so worried.

Update Credit to: Amena


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