Scene 1
family sees Ajay and Rohit trying to get away from fire crackers, Shaurya laughs, they runaway. Shaurya says to family that I saw them from terrace and knew their plan so our stock is safe, I was sitting on terrrace since morning and was not tired too so I was on terrace, he taunts Mahek that I am useless thats why I stopped it, Balwant says who say you are useless? you are our army man, our protector, Harish says he is my son after all. Mahek shyly says sorry to shaurya for making fun of him, he says what did you say? Mahek says sorry, Shaurya smiles and says lets go to sleep.

In morning, Sharma family members pack lunchboxes, Jeevan and Ravi set their cycles. Mahek applies tilak to Jeevan, Ravi and Shaurya. shaurya says I will ride cycle too, Ravi says no your work was to bring our

project and now its our work. Jeevan and Ravi start their cycles, they are accompanied by rickmshaw in which Shaurya and Mahek have lunchboxes. Jeevan and Ravi are selling boxes on cycle. Ravi and Jeevan get stuck in traffic, Shaurya and Mahek loses their sight and they get separated. Ravi and Jeevan takes another route but they are stopped by some goons, Jeevan says let us go, we have deliveries. Ajay and Nikki comes there with more goons, Jeevan and Ravi gets tensed. Ravi says to Jeevan that this is not good.
In rickshaw, Mahek says to Shaurya that I am worried, something wrong is going to happen, shaurya asks driver to drive faster.

Nikki says to Jeevan and Ravi that we were waiting for you, let us see what you have in boxes. Jeevan says to Ajay that yesterday women of my house beat and today Shaurya will beat you if you dont leave. Ajay says dont brag about your son in law, you are powerless here, dont argue else you would get your bones broken. Nikki says if you people dont surrender then you would get bones crushed.

In rickshaw, Shaurya and Mahek are tensed and pray to find Jeevan and Ravi.

Karona says to Kanta that dont worry, after today everything will be fine. Kanta says dont know my heart is beating faster, Mansi says to her that your heart keep beating for someone in house everyday, Kanta says i just feel something is not right, Karona says we can call them and ask, she asks Nehal to call Jeevan.

Ajay says to his goons that destroy their lunchboxes, Ravi and Jeevan tries to stop goons and tries to fight them. Nehal is calling Jeevan but he is busy in brawl. Nehal calls Mahek, Mahek is in traffic jam, she doesnt take call and says dont know what is happening. Shaurya asks dirver why he is not driving faster? Driver says I am no Rajnikanth, we are stuck in traffic jam. Shaurya asks Mahek to not take Nehal’s call, family will get worried. Mahek says sometimes Ajay do something, sometime we get stuck in traffic, what is happening? Shaurya asks driver to get down from rickshaw, he sits in driving seat and makes driver sit in backseat, Shaurya drives rickshaw faster. He stops at signal and asks Mahek to get down, she says what about you? he says just get down. Mahek gets down with rickshaw driver. Shaurya drives away to site where Jeevan and Ravi are fighting Ajay’s goons.

Ajay’s goons start beating Jeevan, Ajay laughs and says now you are under our control. Shaurya arrives there, he holds Jeevan and pulls him back. Ajay says come on Khanna, you will get death today, Shaurya starts beating Ajay’s goons. Nikki says gets tensed and says to Ajay that lets go back. Ajay sits in car and tries to drive away but Shaurya comes infront of his car and drags Ajay out of car. Mahek arrives there too and rushes to injured Jeevan. Shaurya starts beating Ajay and Rohit. Some goons try to grab Shaurya but he pushes them all away. Nikki hides behind car, Mahek sees her, she tucks her dupatta and grabs Nikki from hair. shaurya takes hockey stick and beats them all. Mahek keeps slapping Nikki across face. Police arrives there. Shaurya rushes to Mahek and asks if she is fine? Ajay and Rohit runs away. Ravi says to inspector that we were attacked, shaurya came to save us. Mahek asks rickshaw driver to forgive them for taking their rickshaw, driver says I dont want to complain inspector my rickshaw is fine, police leaves. Jeevan sees his and Ravi’s broken cycle. Jeevan says how will we take boxes to contractor now? we dont even have time, we will lose this contract, Shaurya punches Ajay’s car that he left there and says everything is destroyed now! I will kill them, Ravi says everything is finished. Mahek says no there is still time, you all take boxes, I am going, Shaurya asks where? Mahek looks on.

PRECAP- Nikki says to Pammi and Ajay that you people just say big things but are useless, I have done much damage today that Mahek and Shaurya wont be able to do delivery to contractor and they will be on roads in two days, Ajay looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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