The marriage wagon is trundling along with occasional jolts, brakes and kick ass speed. What made me Awww and What made me Ewww!!

1. Definitely Barun Sobti, he is looking lickalicious- kissalicious handsome! Dark circles around his eyes are decreasing. He is getting handsomer and handsomest day by day!

2. Costumes!! Yeah, I know you guys are gonna find it unbelievable but Shirali actually managed to create sober costumes. If only, she gets rid of the obsession to dress up the actors like a school kids in uniform, we will be fine.

3. The Eye war going on in between Advay and Chandni in the middle of the ceremony.

4. Barun Sobti!! Ooops I already said it well what the heck Barun’s whiskey eyes which intoxicated me!

5. That brief bromance of Miku and Advay!

6. Advay utilizing Chandni’s compulsive obsession for neatness by kicking the 7UP towards her. Cool Move, Dude! ;)


1. Lack of continuity – a) When did the lights go? when did the family try to repair the lighting circuit?

2. Nobody noticed the pulley that was pulling the swing up!!!!

3. Why does Barun stoop so? especially in the scene with Miku, looked awkward.

4. The Sister’s cryunion – Shivani, U have a good voice but try to bring expressions on your face- that scene did nothing to pull the emotional strings.

5. You want us to believe, the returning Megha couldn’t see Murli who was right in front of her?

6. Why was there such a disconnect between scenes?

7. Where is Yash Narayan and why is Chandni – the momaughter not missing him or even shown thinking about him?

8. How did the treasure box retain its freshness, not even a scratch could be seen in it?

Why is the Music Director copying the signature tune from the Tamil movie 24?


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