The Episode starts with Naira asking Naksh why is he worried. Everyone claps for rasams. Naira does Yash’s aarti. Kirti does aarti of Lav and Kush and ties rakhi to them. Naira does rituals with Nannu. Naira and Kirti get the rakhis and tie to each other as well. They hug. Gayu, Naira and Ananya sing. They all dance. Dil se bandhi se dor……plays…… Everyone dances. Kartik gets Kirti and makes her stand with Naksh. Kirti dances around Naksh. Naira thinks this can’t be my misunderstanding, there is something, I will find out. Everyone dances. Naira takes Naksh. She asks him why is he worried, he won’t lie this time, is he happy with this marriage, he can’t lie by having her rakhi. Naksh gets tensed and says its nothing like that, I m just bit nervous, I m

missing mum. She hugs him and cries. He asks what happened. She says you are very cute, I love you so much, I was thinking wrong, I did not think guys can be nervous too, everyone thinks just girls get tension, none thinks for guys’ emotions, can I do something for you. Naksh says no, its enough that you are with me, there won’t be any delay, I m ready for marriage, you go now, I have to make an imp call. She goes.

Naksh asks Akshara to see, he managed today, but if…. Yash holds him and says you gave Naira’s gift, now gift me too, tell me what is it. Naksh says nothing, don’t act Yash, everyone is here. Yash says whenever we asked you about marriage, you looked unhappy, why, its about Kirti right, your face is showing, what are you hiding. Naksh hugs him and cries.

He tells everything. Kids come there. They see kachoris and keep phone there. Naksh says I don’t love Kirti, I m doing this marriage just for Naira’s happiness, if Naira knows this, she will not let marriage happen, you won’t tell this to anyone, Naira doubts on me. Yash asks did you think well before doing this, are you sure. Naksh says yes, I m 100% sure, Naira’s happiness is by my and Kirti’s marriage, I know this. Kartik asks kids for his phone. Yash asks Naksh to come. Kids talk about recording and check it. Kartik takes his phone and says you both always take my phone, I m deleting all games. He asks Yash and Naksh where were they. Naksh says for some imp work. Ananya shows the gift. Naira says Naksh has given all my cards to me, he has returned all childhood memories. She sees Kartik. He gives a look and goes. Ananya says even Kartik gave you a gift. Gayu says you tied rakhi to Naksh, all thanks to Kartik. Naira says I should have understood this, can my wish stay unfulfilled in his presence. Ananya says we know, tell me where to send him.

Kartik comes to storeroom and says kids will get beaten by me, they want their ball, where shall I find it. Naira comes there, with all lights bulbs lined over her. She says the light in my life is just by you. Kartik says you are my everything, there is nothing without you. Jab bhi nazre milaata hai…..plays…. They romance. He asks for a kiss. She goes. They play with lights. They hug and laugh. Kartik says I missed you a lot, do you have any idea. Naira says love always wins in anger and love fights. He says yes and gets close. They fall inside a box and it gets shut. He calls for help. He says kids ball came here. She says no, it was my idea. He asks what, did you not get any other place, normal people meet in bedroom. They argue. He asks what will we do now. She asks him to call someone. He says I think phone fell here, find it, help me, don’t make bad faces.. Kids open the box and asks what are you doing here, playing hide and seek.

Kartik says no. Naira says we were fighting. Bhabhimaa says we will leave. Kartik says you all are going without me, did you think to leave me, we will go together. Naira thinks he is showing attitude. Manish says person has to be serious some times. Kartik says thank God, marriage is not such an occasion, sorry Kirti, I m leaving you alone in such time, you have Naira, she will manage all work, if you need me, you can call me. Dadi says bye, go and rest, sleep well, we will manage, Naira is with us. Kartik smiles and sees Naira. He leaves with Singhanias. He thinks Dadi you have your bahu, but they don’t have their daughter, I can’t become Naira but can stand in her place. Naira thinks I was thinking so small, our fight is not the reason for your leaving, its something else. She smiles.

Naira checks jewelry. Some robber comes by window and attacks with a knife.

Update Credit to: Amena


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