The Episode starts with Naira showing the ring to Dadi and asking how is it. Dadi says its very beautiful, whose choice is it. Kirti says Naira chose this, Naksh also made her chose the ring. Naira says I m Goenka’s bahu, choice got simple thinking that way. Dadi says I m glad, keep this safe, leave it, I will keep it, you are along in room, how many things will you manage alone. Manish says explain Kartik, its his sister’s marriage and even his responsibility. Naira says I will talk to him, you go and rest, I will do this work. Manish blesses her. Naira says don’t take tension, everything will go well. Manish thanks her and goes. Everyone go. Naira says we all are missing you Kartik.

Kartik says I did not get time to check Naira’s video, maybe Lav and Kush recorded this

video, they have no work. Rajshri gets tea. He keeps the phone. He says there is not much work here. She says you took all work in your hands, you don’t let anyone else work, why are you lost. He says nothing, many responsibilities came on Naira, I thought to stay there and help her but… She says you came here to do her responsibilities, she is lucky to get a guy like diamond, everyone expects from bahu, but if son in law thinks he is son, its very good, Naitik started this tradition in our house and you are keeping it, you don’t kill your happiness to fulfill these responsibilities, work got over here, you can go to Naira if you want. He asks how will I go at night. She says its your house.

He says what will everyone think on seeing me in morning. She says come back early. He says I did not do this before. She says even Naitik came once before marriage, he does not know we know this. He says you are very cute, tell me about Vishwamber, he would have also come. She calls him naughty and goes. He says I love you Nani for this idea, I will keep ego aside for love and go to Naira. Naitik calls him out and says I need your help, come.

Kirti gets a note on bed and reads…. apply this night mask and sleep, talk romantic things with Naksh in dream. Kirti messages Naksh that Naira is very nice, I m lucky to have double relation with her. Naksh reads message and smiles. Yash asks why are you smiling. Naksh says its Kirti’s message, she is really good at heart, I genuinely want her to be happy, I want to see happy. Yash says say you want to keep her happy. Naksh nods. He replies Kirti that good people find everyone good, I have seen Naira before marriage, she used to take much stress, don’t take stress, keep smile on face, then face does not need makeup. Kirti says how sweet Naksh, I will smile, I m happy and will keep you happy. She recalls Aditya and says why does I recall that bad thing again and again, I get a fear in heart.

Kartik hides from guards. He turns off the security systems. Naira checks some pics. She says I miss you Kartik, I wish you were here. She sees his pic. Kartik comes in from the window. She turns. He hides. He gets a knife and goes to her. She sees him in mirror and gets shocked. She gets up and screams. He falls down. She throws blanket on him and beats him. She shouts Dadi, Kirti…. Everyone comes and asks her to open the door. Kartik gets up. Naira hits the skateboard to his leg. He jumps out of window and runs. She looks out. Dadi asks Akhilesh to break the door. They all enter the room and ask Naira what happened.

Akhilesh asks Naira who was it. Naira says don’t know, I could not see him. Manish says alarms are off, it means it was someone known. Kirti says was it Aditya. Naira says no, he won’t dare to do so. Akhilesh goes to check. Naira says maybe it was some thief. Manish says we should increase security. Naira says we should get alert, I m fine, I have hit him with skateboard. Manish and Suwarna ask her to take care. They all go. Naira gets the knife and checks. She says he was unprofessional thief, who comes to rob with a toy knife. Kartik removes the hood. He cares for his hurt leg. He says I know my wife is not like other girls to get scared, she is tigress and I m donkey, I could have hugged her, she has beaten me a lot, if I got caught, I would have got insulted, I m proud seeing her courage, what a deadly combo, beauty, brains with bravery, thank you God this combo is mine, why did she beat so much, thief is also someone’s husband, who has to show face to his wife, I went to meet and got beaten up. He sleeps.

Its morning, everyone wakes up Naksh and sing happy engagement day to you Naksh. Naksh asks what are you doing. Yash asks why can’t we wish this day if we can wish you on birthday. Kartik says Naksh is tensed, its strange time for both groom and bride. Yash jokes. Baisa says its Naksh’s first marriage, but girl is experienced. Kartik looks at Baisa.

Baisa says I did not mean that. Kartik says enough, I don’t drag anything, but it does not mean I don’t understand I know it takes time to accept someone, even my family took time to accept Naira, you try once to accept Kirti by heart, maybe she gets more of you and less of us. Bhabhimaa asks Baisa to get ready. They all leave. Naksh says Kartik you had to say for your sister for the last time, I will always stand with her, like you always stand with Naira, I will not let anything happen to Kirti. Kartik hugs her. Yash says you guys forgot me. They hug Yash. Naira gets ready. Kartik comes and helps her in getting ready. She turns and smiles. He disappears. She says I don’t like to get ready when you are not here, come soon frog.

Kartik and Naira stop Keshav and Jaya(Akshay and Bhumi promote Toilet: Ek Prem Katha), and tell the problem. Naira says we were going to royal resort and had to stop on the way, but there is no toilet around here.

Update Credit to: Amena


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