Maya shows video of Saanjh being tortured to Arjun, Suman, Shubh, and Jahnvi and says until they take care of her well, Saanjh will be fine. She will get videos every 6 hours. Jahnvi angrily tries to hit her. Maya escapes and says it is motherly love. Jahnvi collapses. They rush Jahnvi to hospital. Doc says she is in a shock, what happened to her. Maya says she is happy seeing her daughter alive. She gets video again and shows it to Arjun. Arun silently forwards video to his mobile. Nurse says any one person can stay with Jahnvi. Arjun says he will stay. Maya says maa is in best hospital among best team, so he need not stay here. She forcefully takes Arjun along. Suman thinks when will this chudail go to jail and leave them in peace.

Inspector Ranveer frees Ayan and says all charges

have been withdrawn from him as Maya is alive and Arjun innocent. Ayan is shocked and says he told already that his brother is innocent and Maya is playing games, in which game she is in now. Ranveer says she is with Arjun and tells him whole story. Ayan says Maya is behind all this. Ranveer says wherever wrong happens, Maya is found there.

Maya continues her drama and gets video. She shows video in which Saanjh is being tortured and says with just a bit of torture, Saanjh is looking so good, imagine if real torture happens, how will she look. Suman asks why she is troubling her daughter. Maya says Arjun forwarded video from her mobile to his mobile, he did a mistake and thought she will not notice is, more they try to act smart, more Saanjh will be in trouble. Arjun cries that Saanjh is in trouble because of him. She asks Arjun let us go to sleep now and forcefully takes him warning if he does not agree, Saanjh will die.

Arjun feels stomach ache. Maya asks what happened. He says nothing, just a bit stomach ache. She says she will get medicine for him. He says no need. She says he should get headache instead as she thinks by heart and he by brain. She sleeps on his lap and holds hand. He angrily draws hand. She says if he does not, Saanjh will die. He pampers her. She asks to kiss her. He says what. She forcefully tries, but backs off and laughs hat she was joking. He tries to leave. She asks to give his phone and go. He ggives phone and walks out. Ayan enters and strangulates Maya shouting why she is troubling her brother again. She shouts Arjun save me. Arjun enters and asks Ayan to leave her as Saanjh is in her grip. Ayan leaves. Suman enters and says that is what she was trying to explain him. Maya says Saanjh will be punished for this, video calls her goons and orders to strangulate Saanjh. Goon tightens rope. Arjun pleads not to, he will do whatever she says. She says if he had shown so much concern to her, this all would not have happened. Ayan asks how did she escape again.

Precap: Maya asks Ayan if he wants to know how she escaped, life gives them changes, but they ignore it, she uses them. She tells Arjun that Saanjh is in same city where he is breathing. Arjun thinks wherever Saanjh is, he will find her.

Update Credit to: MA


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