Anika says whenever we try to come close, our 2rs fate don’t support us. She cries. Dadi says this is the game of fate. Sahil asks where is SSO, I will meet him and come. Some time before, Shivaye is on the way. A goon shoots at a car. The car blasts. Anika turns and gets worried. She calls out Shivaye and runs out. Om asks what happened. She asks where is Shivaye, find out, I feel he is in some problem. He says he maybe in meeting, I will call him. She asks what happened. He says its not reachable. She says try again. He says relax, maybe network issue, we will try after sometime. She says where are you Shivaye.

Dadi asks Rudra to call again, he did not say before going, let him come, I will pull his ears. Pinky says I m much happy for Anika’s marriage. Gauri says I have a great plan. Om asks

did you talk to Shivaye. Rudra says no. Servant asks where to fix lights. Om asks why. Pinky says there is function at home. Om says there won’t be any function, go. Ragini says how is it possible, Shivaye instructed everyone. Om says this is our family matter, please stay out of it. Pinky says Ragini is also our family member, she is going to become our bahu, Anika would be leaving. Dadi asks Pinky to talk as much as needed. Om says we will not let this happen. Pinky asks who are you to interfere in my son’s life. Om says you know what we are and what’s Shivaye for us. They see Anika.

They see the news of a car accident. Bhavya says its my car. Rudra says but you are here, who was driving. She says Shivaye Bhaiya, he took my car. They all get shocked. Anika cries and says no, this can’t happen. She runs. Omru stop her. Anika says Shivaye is fine. Om calls security and asks did Shivaye take Bhavya’s car. The man says yes, his car tyre was punctured, so he took Bhavya’s car, he looked worried, he was in hurry.

Pinky scolds Anika. Everyone cries. Pinky says I will make you leave this house. Om holds her hand and stops her. Pinky shouts on him. She asks Omru not to come in between. Anika says nothing will happen to my Shivaye. Pinky asks her not to take her Shivaye’s name. Shakti says stop it, we have to know how is our Shivaye, you both contact Khanna. Rudra says phone is not reachable. Pinky worries. Shakti says I will call commissioner. Anika cries. Rudra asks her to be strong. Bhavya looks on and cries. Anika says say nothing will happen to Shivaye, he says his life can’t go so easily. Om says nothing will happen to Shivaye, we will find him. Bhavya thinks attack on my car can mean just one thing, the attack was on me, and Shivaye became the target, same thing happened with my family. She recalls her family’s death in the blast. She says no, all that can’t happen again, I won’t let this happen, I won’t let another family shatter. She cries.

Dadi hugs Anika and says everything will be fine. Anika says I m scared. Dadi says Omru will find Shivaye, don’t be scared. Anika says Pinky was saying right, whenever I came in Shivaye’s life, problems came. Dadi says you came back and his smile returned, you know his state when you went, our Billu returned when you returned, you both are made for each other. Anika says when does this happen, when we try to come close, our 2rs fate does not support me, when we think everything got fine, something gets spoiled. Dadi says its a game of fate. Omru come. Anika asks did you find anything. Om says Shivaye was not in the car at the time of accident, there was just driver. Dadi says I told you nothing will happen to Shivaye. Anika asks where is he. Om gives her Shivaye’s phone. Anika hugs the phone. Rudra says police is finding him, Shivaye got down the car before accident. She says why is he not calling, knowing we are worried for him.

Om says we are trying to contact Khanna, he is with Shivaye. Sahil comes and calls out Anika. Anika hugs him. He asks why are you all upset. Rudra says no, we are surprised seeing you. Sahil asks Anika why are you crying. Anika says I was missing you a lot. He says you knew I m coming. She says sometimes, seeing a person is imp to believe. She hugs him. He asks where is SSO, he would be in his room, I will meet him and come. He goes and looks for Shivaye. Anika says since Sahil lost his family, he has fear to lose dear ones, he is close to Shivaye, he can’t bear this. Rudra asks her not to tell Sahil, we will distract him, Shivaye will come back. She says Sahil would know, he looks little but catches things, he will ask many things. Rudra says I will manage. Sahil asks what will you manage. Rudra says you. Sahil says I m not a kid. Rudra says Shivaye went office, we will give you company.

Sahil asks what, he went office today, I told him I m coming, what happened, you know its Rakshabandhan today. Anika realizes. Rudra says since Priyanka went, we don’t remember when Rakhi comes, I was in stress. Sahil asks why. Om says he gained weight. Sahil says I remember you all tied rakhi to SSO. They recall. Sahil asks did you tie rakhi to SSO. Rudra goes. Om says he has stress, you sit, I will make a phone call and come. He also goes. Sahil says why do I feel you all are hiding something from me. Anika says I feel you got my spying soul. He says you knew its Rakshabandhan right. She nods. He says I thought how can you forget imp festival. She says I will get food for you and goes. Rudra says did Shivaye… Om says stop, don’t say anything, he is our Shivaye, he is fine, we would have felt here in heart if anything happened to him, what did Shivaye say, one for all, all for one, we three will do this soon, we have to live many Obro moments. Rudra says you are right, Shivaye always says, Om is not without Shiv, and Ru is not without Om, how can he leave Omru. Om says he will be back and hugs Rudra. Lafzon ka yeh…..plays…..

Jhanvi asks Shwetlana why is she so scared. She opens the cupboard. Shwetlana screams. She says I can see Tej, not you. Jhanvi says is his spirit wanting revenge. Shwetlana says why me, you killed him. Jhanvi says what does he want from you. Gauri sees Sahil and asks why are you sitting like a sad boy. He says I think everyone is hiding something from me, I m excited for rakhi, I feel none is excited, I don’t find any preparations here, SSO is not here. Gauri says they are giving you a surprise. He asks really. He says yes, hopefully SSO will come. She says yes, I will just come, you play.

Om says commissioner has sent search team, we will know in some hours. She says Sahil is waiting, he came to get rakhi tied. She asks Rudra where is Bhavya, maybe she will help us. Rudra says I did not see you. Anika says I did this drama, its my mistake, if I told truth, he would have been here.

Gauri comes and asks Anika to have belief, Shivaye will be fine, Sahil is waiting for you, we have to be normal for his happiness, we should not snatch his happiness, even Shivaye would have wanted this. Om agrees. Rudra says I will find Bhavya, you all prepare for rakhi. Anika says Shivaye wants this, I will do this. Jhanvi shows the room to tantric and says someone died in this room. Tantric says murder happened here. Jhanvi says please help us, that spirit is troubling us. Tantric says he did not get mukti, he is here. Shwetlana says we know he is spirit, so we got you here to free us from him. Tantric says he wants to complete his work. Shwetlana asks what is left incomplete. Tantric says he will give signs and say. Shwetlana says why is he troubling me, she is the one who… Jhanvi stops her. Tantric says he will complete his work and go. She smiles seeing Jhanvi and goes.

Rudra looks for Bhavya and calls her. He finds her phone. Om asks Rudra to come. Shwetlana wakes up and hears Tej. She shouts what do you want from me. Lights flicker. Anika gets rakhi. Sahil says how can we start without SSO. Om says he is in meeting. Sahil says I will wait. Rudra says why, he doesn’t care for us, we will start. Om says he doesn’t see us in front of work. Om thinks of Shivaye. Rudra says maybe he forgot to get gift and went, let him come, I will take double gift, he has to pay for this. He recalls Shivaye. Anika says we are waiting for him, he doesn’t care for us. She thinks of Shivaye. She says when Shivaye comes, Omru will deal with him, we will celebrate. Sahil says SSO will be punished, I will ask him to make special chow mein for me. Anika does his tilak, aarti and ties rakhi. Sahil feeds her sweets. Om signs Gauri. Gauri goes and gets gifts for Sahil. She says Shivaye will give gift from his side. She asks Rudra to click photo. Rudra takes photo and goes. Shwetlana shouts Tej, why are you troubling me, I did not kill you, Jhanvi killed you, what do you want from me. She reads Sab Kuch/everything written by the light wires/bulbs. Jhanvi looks on and smiles.

Anika says if anything happens to Shivaye. Gauri hugs her. Anika says my hope is getting weak. Dadi says there is always a reason behind everything.

Update Credit to: Amena


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