Ishwari ask Dev if Sona is readlly around here. Dev says Sona went to bring something, he will find out where she is. At Bose house, Sourav shows legal notices to Sona and shouts how can she be so careless. Bejoy says he did not expect from this. Dev calls Asha and asks when are they coming. Asha says Sona is also here and they are on the way. Dev asks what is Sona doing there, asks them all to reach party venue soon. Sona says she will call and mail clients personally and will sort out problem in the morning, but they all have to reach venue soon. Bejoy says again he did not expect this from her, Sourav cannot handle it alone.

Soha continues searching Sona. Elena brings Golu. Ishwari tells Golu that she was waiting for him and thanks Elena for coming. Elena says Vicky

is waiting for her and leaves. She returns home. Vicky says he wants to attend party as Soha insisted him to come. Elena says she will not let him go as she cannot see Dev insulting him. Vicky smirks and thinks he will go for sure.

Soha continues searching Sona. Dev sees Sona returning and says she must be in batman’s mask. Sona hears that, wears mask and comes in front. Soha gets very happy seeing her. Sona thanks Dev for giving her idea. They then ask Soha to cut cake. Soha wishes Dev forgives Vicky and bring him back home. Dev asks if it is her wish, then he will bring Vicky and leaves. Bejoy fumes hearing that and says Asha what was the need for calling Vicky. Ronita feels uneasy. Sourav asks Bejoy and Asha to enjoy party, he will go home with Ronita. Bejoy says let us also go home, Soha is intelligent and will understand their problem. Asha calls Soha and informs that Ronita’s baby is feeling uneasy, so they are going home. Soha says she will console baby. Sourav says she can when baby grows up. She asks if it is baby girl or boy. Asha says she does not know. Soha hopes it is twins as she wants both boy and girl so that they don’t separate from each other.

Elena prepares Vicky’s favorite dish. Vicky says he does not want to have it. Golu calls Vicky and asks him to get ready for party as Soha wished Dev to bring Vicky to party. Vicky gets happy hearing that. Dev rings bell reminiscing Vicky’s mistakes. Vicky opens door and asks him to come in. Dev says Soha wants him to attend her party, so he has to come along, if he does not, he will drag him. Vicky says even without dragging he will come. Elena confronts and says he does not wish Vicky to return by heart and just came here for Suhana’s sake. Vicky says if he had known this, he would not have come home hiding with Golu to wish Soha, they even cut vanilla cake. Dev reminisces Soha scolding Dev that she needed vanilla and not choc cake. He tells Vicky he will wait outside and waits for him. Children insist Soha to cut cake and says party is getting boring. Ishwari calls Dev and asks when is he coming, Soha is getting adamant not to cut cake without him and Vicky. Dev says he is waiting for Vicky and will come soon. Ishwari asks Sona what will Dev do. Sona says Dev is her son, so he will do what he promised to Soha. She calls Dev, but he disconnects call. Drama continues.

Precap: Soha asks Ishwari why did she give rakhi to her. Ishwari says she has to tie it on mamma’s hand. Soha asks why. Ishwari says she tied rakhi to her brother. Riya happily says bhabhi is pregnant again. Dev gets emotional.

Update Credit to: MA


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