Nope, this being the patriotic week, neither am I singing the inspirational “Man mein hai VIshwas” nor am I speaking about AAP Leader Kumar Vishwas.

Screenshot - 17-08-2017 , 18_38_07

I am simply speaking about the vishwas, Advay and Chandni have and how ATOOT it is!

As expected, the baby turned out to be the child of one of the sisters who is completely unaware about the baby’s status quo having been told the lie that the baby she delivered is still born.

** Bad Move, Chandni, your obsession with your mommie dearest happiness is destroying the lives of other’s especially that of that innocent babe and his mom Meghna – the decision was Meghna’s call not your’s.  Hmmm…I wonder whether this will turn Meghu against Chandni in future**

Advay, who can give Lord Mahadev a strong takkar in omniscience conveniently disappears when the Suvidha lady walks out and conveniently appears when Chandni enters the house, he reappears silently like the handsome vampire of twilight. A gentle, skeptical probe predictably brings forth a fib and an attempt at diversion by trying to thank him but Advay is not in the buying mood. He retires to contemplate the waxing and waning of Chandni.

** This was quite new from what I have seen in TV so far… Usually, the angst hero asks questions already having formed the answers in his  mind and waiting for the olive oil (I mean virgin) heroine to affirm his certainty. Any slightest deviation from his answers would have elicited howls of rage but here Advay patiently waits for the answers, just contends himself with a piercing look at her and walks away in disgust without “Manhandling” *Insert Shocked emo here* **

Screenshot - 17-08-2017 , 18_41_01

Next morning brings more of uncertainty and still no Vishwas.. Advay is idly strumming his guitar when the shril tone of the phone interrupts his strumming. The news from the other end confirms what Advay suspected – CHANDNI IS THE MUM! His VISHWAS that was floundering finds a firm footing and digs itself a deepest hole to put root in – It’s confirmed Chandni is BAD! Rottten two faced Bow wow!!

** May I send a quick note of appreciation to the writer who conceived this. A hero even, a foreign returned one would expect his love interest to be shuddh Tanishq Gold. One slight scratch would send him towards the deep end but contrary to the established guidelines, our hero or anti-hero does not walk the well travelled path. He simply feels anger at the callous way she has treated her child. But there is a grim satisfaction too at having his VISHWAS restored on the fickleness of Chandni.

Chandni who has been manipulated like a well trained pet into getting married is involved in Ma seva. She wants to make her Ma happy and gets noodles for Indrani. After assuring herself of her mom’s well being and after kissing her hand. Chandni leaves only to be brought to a shocked standstill on hearing the venomous hatred Indrani has for Chandni. Tears which had never stopped pouring this week gets a fresh lease of life and out they come..Her woebegone face, distress and tears are noted by Mama who tries to drill common sense and pragmatism into heroine’s head.

**Duh!! Since when has common sense and Heroine walked side by side**

Chandni however has unshakeable VISHWAS that One day her mommy will love her enough to gulp down the steaming hot noodles… One day..!!

Personal Whispering: In this roulette of Vishwas, the verdict is already given – One person’s vishwas will prove to be false with no basement to build it while the other person’s vishwas will prove to be victorious * You know who will win & Who will lose the Vishwas game?*  But in real world, it is almost never that one gets what one wants, So why not prove Chandni’s Vishwas false too. A person’s world doesn’t end if one person doesn’t return the love. It’s ok to love a person who doesn’t love you back and it’s ok for that person not to love you back either, SO why not accept the hard fact and move on in life, weaving your world with the people who love you rather than shutting yourself from other’s. IPKKND 3 has delivered on the predictable with slightest twist, could we have one such twist in this case or am I asking for the Chand?


P:S: I am told the Vashishts are from purohit family. I am told they are from Allahabad. So why do they eat Noodles and only noodles all the time?  Do they have a Chinese takeaway nearby and hence the noodles binge all the time, Haven’t they ever heard of Kachori’s, Samosa or even a simple parantha or pulav??


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