Oh My!! What a Freaking awesome episode !! On the surface, everything tranquil, serene and proceeding as it ought to but the belly of this current of serenity is anything but that. Seething with hate, contempt, cunning & rage, the participants pretend to be involved but each trying to manipulate the situation to emerge as the victor.

The bell for the second round of boxing began, Chandni is off to quick start. She has sent her beau to the police to put her already imprisoned soul in prison. The V’s & P’s heave a sigh of relief when Pratham for the Pratham time manages to successfully evade Advay’s carefully laid snare. Meanwhile, the contenders for Filmfare awards go about in preparation for Haldi ceremony.

Here comes the first of the WOW moment!

Screenshot - 21-08-2017 , 18_29_43

Chandni, the ignorant chandni who speaks about the soul mate sent by god,  throws away the symbol that would have indelibly connected her soul to her soul mate sent by God. Wait, has she really refused the gift of God? By throwing away the Haldi and in the process duly smearing it all over the wrathful Advay, hasn’t she actually accepted Advay as her partner/life mate? Advay seems to think so.

The Second WOW Moment  follows the departure of Chandni express from the hall.

Chandni as is her wont, is clutching on to the ‘Dev’ pebble lamenting about her fate and how her accursed destiny would never had a man called Advay crossing it had ONLY been Dev part of it! When… the door opens and Advay stands at the thresh hold, the ‘Dev’ pebble slips from Chandni’s grasp, falling AWAY from her. Advay strides in, crossing that stone, his carved from the stone not twitching a muscle, warm molten eyes icy in its fury, each step approaching Chandni unhesitating or unceasing while Chandni scrambles back, back in her haste.

** I just loved loved loved this scene .. Chandni remembers her childhood mate, holding on to the only symbol of remembrance when the closed door opens and what do we see? Advay & how do we see him?, through a red stained glass!!! So tellingly saying, whom we are seeing is not “the Man” but a vengeful mask! Dev is lost somewhere inside and right now, an entity consumed by the passion of hate, vengeance lives on and it is THIS Vengeance that has crossed the thresh hold and entered Chandni’s life, intent on creating a storm that destroys everything in its wake.

Vengeance steps forward, crossing Chandni’s guardian stone  without a pause or a break in its stride – What does it signify? Is it that Chandni will fall in love with Advay, letting go of the dream she had woven in childhood or has Advay become stronger, completely overpowering Dev? Time shall tell! ***

Now comes the OMG!! I am so dead and in heaven but gasping for breath moment!!!

Screenshot - 21-08-2017 , 18_39_50

Chandni who has backed away, backs herself to a pillar with no further place to slink. Advay, giving an impression of unstoppable, implacable avalanche moves closer & closer to Chandni. Chandni does her best to merge into the pillar but the rock solid pillar prevents it. Chandni’s breath shortens in fear or in anticipated excitement – Advay leisurely raises his arm, resting it by the side of her head thus securing her within his arms. Advay’s eyes riveted on Chandni, he slowly, inexorably bends forward and towards Chandni.. Chandni’s fingers curl in heightened emotion, her eyes closed, she waits for Advay’s next move. Advay though is not in a mood to oblige her, he takes his own sweet time in bending, bending towards Chandni, His narrowed eyes oblivious to anything and everything but his purpose, Advay softly murmurs close to Chandni,”Now it’s my turn to apply the Haldi”.. So saying Advay brushes his  turmeric smeared cheeks on the soft, supple cheeks of Chandni. Chandni’s lips parts, her quivering leg curls as if unable to bear the weight of the heavy undercurrents passing through these two bodies. Having applied the turmeric on one side of the cheek, Advay moves to the other.. control in his every action.. He again leans and rubs his other cheek with the rosy cheek of Chandni, sending her into transports of a strong emotions. The emotional tide rips into her, the dangerous current carries her with them.. Chandni is lost – for the moment..

** I believe, this was one of those subtly understated but exquisitely directed sensuous scene I have seen in a long time- Kudos to Shivani Tomar for portraying aroused passion without taking recourse into the heavy duty, chest up-chest down movement – The scene was intensely seductive without crossing over to vulgar ** 

As we the viewer’s are basking in the lingering halo of this moment, comes the downpour of  freezing hailstorm with Chandni avowing never to let Advay win and of never accepting defeat.

Indrani however is for tactical retreat and waiting for an opportunity. That opportunity arises when the door is opened, Chandni & V & P’s allow themselves the luxury of a small smile of triumph which is quickly extinguished when their anticipated Hero turns and hugs the real hero – turns out both of them are chaddi buddies!

Here in this moment, another gem pops up, “Chandni always fights/wins over the darkness/night”

** A two pronged indication of how it will be Chandni who will be the person to drive out the darkness that has enveloped Advay’s heart and soul. But also a reminder on how it will be she who will ultimately has to drive off the darkness in the form of Indrani**

There was another gem, but I guess… I have bored u enough..





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