ever since it has been announced that Jennifer Winget will be seen in a new romantic show along with the quintessential romantic hero Harshad Chopra, expectation’s has been soaring through the roof.

Stoking the fire of expectation will be the new piece of info that I bring you. Catty Billi has got few pictures that adds on to the intrigue of the show. The show which is said to be loosely based on the yesteryear romantic blockbuster ‘Kati Patang’ is a romantic triangle of sorts.


Confused? Let’s clear it for you. Jennifer’s Character is into a romantic relationship with Sehban Azim. But their romantic, happy, idyllic life is cut short when Sehban dies in a tragic accident.

Was Harshad Chopra the cause of the accident? or an innocent man who gets involved due to the goodness of his heart?


While Kati patang was about a woman who pretends to be a widow, Jennifer Winget’s character actually seems to lose her man and is in search of truth or the man who killed her love.

Will this prove to be a stupendous hit adding another feather to  the multi decorated cap of Jennifer Winget?



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