Dev(Shaheer Sheikh) is shocked at the idea of having loved his Sona  (Erica Fernandes) any less due to her pregnancy mood swings. Ishwari(Supriya Pilgaonkar) scolds her for the thought and says she wants to see her throwing tantrums and demanding things. Ishwari says that she is her daughter and she wants to see her in her worst self. Ishwari surprises us by offering to allow Sona to have Non Veg on the dining table. Sona cancels her trip and stays back with the two people who cannot live without her. Sona wakes Dev up in the middle of the night and he jumps into his daily routine action of packing the delivery bag in frenzy. Sona starts laughing asking how many times he would practice this. Dev leaves to drink water and meets Ishwari down. Ishwari calms his fears of being a bad father and says he would give his children everything that probably she could never give him.

Dev dreams of living his childhood with his children and give them the best of everything. Dev and Sona talks about being happy and also living together what they missed. Dev gets Vicky’s(Vaibhav Singh) message about being in the house and asking him to meet him in hall. Dev reaches down to Vicky, Elena(Prerna Panwar) and Golu below. He asks Vicky to go away whiile he welcomes Elena and Golu in the house. Vicky begs forgiveness and says he got everything that he ever wished for but there was a void and there was a constant missing. He gives Dev back the papers of the company and asks him to allow him back in the house. Dev hugs him close and says today when Vicky said Bhai and Bhabhi it was straight from his heart. Dev welcomes him back and Mamaji proudly hugs his son too. Sona gets Saurabh’s phone about Ronita(Khushbhu Thakkar) going into labour. He begs Sona to come home as he cannot manage the entire lot alone. Sona and Dev leave for the hospital. Bejoy (Jagat Rawat)is his pancky best as he stomps around cursing Saurabh for bringing Ronita to a hospital so far away. Dev tries to calm his father-in-law and later tells Asha(Moon Bannerjee) that he is worried the baby becomes grumpy like Bijoy. Soha tries to reveal Dev’s idea to Bijoy but Dev manages to quieten his daughter. Sona runs in with the good news that Ronita delivered a baby girl and Saurabh fainted. As soon as everyone goes on to meet the new arrival Sona goes into labour and Devrath Dixit panics. Sona is taken away and Dev faints!! Soon we have the little Mr. Obhodro’s arrival! Dev takes the little one in his arms and the screens flash with the beautiful memories of how Devakshi started-from being strangers to hating each other to employer/employee to best friends to lovers and the Devakshi wedding to separation and ending with becoming super parents! The memories are so sweet that we are sure the fandom is in tears for the next many days together. The small reunion with all the super babies happen at the Ishwari Niwas as Ishwari reminisces the time when Dev brought her to this house, she say finally has all the colours of the rainbow in her house today. They give us the final Kodak moment with a beautiful family picture!

Credit: Bollywood Life


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