The Episode starts with Kartik asking Naira not to bend much. Dadi asks why. Kartik says she has knee pain. Akhilesh compliments Kartik and Naira. Kids say we became Bal Gopal, no one is praising us. The kids bless everyone. Dadi asks Naira and Kartik to take blessing as well. Kids bless them to have children. Everyone smiles. Naira and Kartik see each other. Dadi says now even Bal gopal said, it should be true. Surekha says yes, kids are Lord’s avatar. Kartik says why does this happen with me. Dadi asks what happened. Kartik and Naira say nothing. Kids say its like they are hiding something. Surekha says I also noticed, did they fight. Suwarna says not fight, there is something.

Rajshri sings Main Aarti teri gaun…. Naksh and Kirti do the aarti. Naira sings same aarti.

Kartik sees a baby in cradle. Naira cries. Suwarna asks what happened. Naira says me, mumma….. Dadi asks what. Suwarna asks are you missing your mum. Surekha says Akshara used to sing this aarti. Dadi asks Manish and Suwarna to come. Naira says sorry. Kartik holds her hand. He says till we get sure, its no use to tell anyone. Naira says yes, everyone can get tension by this news. He says but, you have to be careful if this is true. She nods.

Bhabhimaa cries and says I was waiting for this day since long, that Naksh gets his life partner, I can die with peace now. Naksh and Kirti hug her and ask her not to say this. Naitik says do you just have to see this for one day. Bhabhimaa says no, I want to see it always. Naksh asks her not to cry. Kirti says our fate is good to get blessings, Radha Krishna got a beautiful family. Devyaani says its less if we praise you a lot. She applies black dot to Kirti. Yash says very good Naksh, if you try this way, you will give happiness to Kirti. Ananya says if this emotional drama is over, can we have fun. Ananya teases Kirti. Kartik sings Raat suhani….. and dances with Naira. Everyone dances around Naksh and Kirti.

Kartik and Naira see the kids and smile. Naksh and Kirti also dance. Kartik imagines having a baby and looks for Naira. Everyone dances.

Its night, Naira says I will just go washroom and come. She gets shocked and calls out Kartik. He asks what. She shows her shadow, which looks like a bump. They see a football kept away. She makes an upset face and goes. Kartik prays to Krishna ji. Its morning, Manish makes everyone do the exercise. Kartik sees the time. Naksh asks what happened. Kartik thinks I couldn’t sleep because of tension. Manish says I have made my strategy. He explains everyone. Manish holds Kartik and gets glad. They all make human pyramid. Yash climbs and falls down. Naksh tries next and gets Yash on top. They fall again. Naitik says we will try again. Naksh says be careful. Akhilesh says yes we are not so young. Manish asks you mean we got old. Naitik says we will do amazing. Kartik sees time. Naitik asks why are you seeing time again and again. Akhilesh takes him. Kartik says I have to go sorry and goes.

Naira and Kartik are on the way to hospital. Car breaks down. She worries. Lav answers Naira’s phone. Surekha says very bad, you shouldn’t answer. Lav tells about nursery. Dadi says its nursing home. Dadi calls hospital. The lady says can you come later, reports will come late. Dadi gets shocked. Kartik and Naira wait in the car for reports. Dadi asks did anyone understand, Naira don’t bend much, be careful Naira…. Suwarna says oh, maybe they thought to tell us once they confirm. Dadi says I m very happy to get Kartik’s baby. She congratulates Manish and Akhilesh. Surekha says Naira and Kartik went to nursing home to get Naira’s reports. Akhilesh hugs Manish and congratulates. Manish says kids will become uncle. Lav says like Papa, its so cool. They dance. Suwarna says maybe they wanted to surprise us. Dadi says we will give them a surprise. Kartik and Naira see a couple with baby. Kartik says whatever the result, we will be happy if its negative and… She asks if its positive. He says more happy. They get report. Naira checks it.

Kartik and Naira come home. They get shocked seeing everyone celebrating and showing the cake for baby.


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