Just when things seemed to be going in favor of Advay comes his Achilles heels, Nani! Nani drags Advay to impart few homely truths and wisdom but Advay who is hell bent on extracting his pound of flesh come hell or higher hell turns deaf ears to the wise words coming from Nani’s mouth.

While Nani is doing marriage counselling, another kind of drama is happening outside. Gentle Chandni has turned into a mule stubbornly saying that she intends to marry Advay and that it’s her decision. Indrani’s skill at emotional blackmailing doesn’t work nor does PP’s threats.

** Why I liked this scene? One, it once again re-emphasized that it never pays to underestimate Indrani. She is a fighter who keeps on fighting until her last breath and one who can pull the rug right under your feet. Two, it exposed Advay’s weakness, true he can strategize, he can manipulate, he can plan but he wobbles when his loved ones beg him or stop him and here he needs the cold, ruthless focus of Chandni. Chandni whose tears were flowing like a river in full force could not or would not be dissuaded from her intention of marrying Advay. The goal was important to her and even her mother’s entreaties or Mama’s concern does not swerve her from her chosen goal.

Does that make Advay weak? I don’t think so. Despite seemingly listening to Nani’s counsel, he was fully intent on going through with his mission. Nani know about his ability to coax and cajole the opposition into submission and she was warning him about the same. Advay who seemed supremely confident and utterly adamant hasn’t taken in one word of what she said – something that’s gonna come and bite him later *Wicked grin*

I loved the fact, that all the members of both the household made it to Advay_Chandni marriage. It lent certain gravitas to what would have turned into a business transaction**

While Advay was gupshupping with Nani, PP decided to roar! It reminded me of Kittens pretending to be Tiger in the absence of real Tiger. He gets violent with Chandni which brings the real tiger Advay back to the battle ground. One look at the bleeding and teary Chandni is enough for Advay. The battered body gets a surge of adrenaline which Advay uses to maximum effect on PP. With PP reduced to pulpy juice, Advay goes to complete the unfinished business of marrying Chandni. Nature seemed to have joined Chandni’s camp as it sympathetically  shed tears in the form of rain accompanying the coursing tears on Chandni’s cheeks.

** I really really felt sorry for Chandni at this juncture. Here is a girl who is giving away everything for her family. what does the family do? Watch like an unconcerned spectators when she is being subjected to abuse. It takes  the enemy who is waging war against her and against whom she is fighting to come to her rescue. The paradox! Who is her family? The people who watched unmoved or the enemy who helped?

Mama, the cowardly Mama who always tucked his tails at one look from Indrani grows few inches tall as he bravely steps forward to do the Kanyadan. Chandni, the outsider to Indrani’s world truly becomes the outsider when she ceases to be Vashisht**

The saat phere’s taken with Saat Vachan’s of Advay becomes undone by one single vachan of Chandni. But Advay doesn’t know it ….. YET! Nor does he remember what his Nani said ….. YET!

The marriage ends. Advay wins the pawn. But it is only the beginning for everyone.


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