Kartik and Naira return home. Naira says what they didn’t expect happened. Kartik says her to first go in. They have to tell everyone what happened. They go inside and are surprised seeing family celebrating. Everyone claps for them and hugs them. They bring a cake with “baby” written on it. Naira gets emotional. Family asks her to cut the cake. Naira cuts it. When Dadi offers her cake, she cries and nods no. Dadi asks everyone to stop. Music stops. Everyone stops clapping. Dadi does Naira and Kartik’s arti and says maybe this wasn’t the time. When time comes, good news will come too. At least God gave them small glimpse of that big news today on this big day. Naira smiles. Dadi says they will celebrate a little today and rest when truly this moment comes.

She hugs Naira and Kartik. Kids are upset and they leave. Manish tells Kartik-Naira not to worry about them. Suvarna will talk to them. After Kartik-Naira leave, Dadi cries. Family consoles her. Dadi says her eager to see Kartik-Naira’s child has increased now. She hopes Naira and Kartik are not heartbroken like her.

In their room, Naira is still sad. Kartik hugs her. Naira says she just wants a baby. Kartik says him too. Naira says, God can’t do this after giving hope. Naira asks what he prayed.. reports to be positive or? He says what is right for everyone. She says she wished same too, but she is still upset. They share that they had already thought of a name. Kartik says it’s okay. Like Dadi said, when time is right, it will happen without them asking. Till then they both are with each other.

Family gathers for Janmasthmi. Kids are still upset. Naira’s family asks what happened. Before kids say anything, Kartik says they lost in cricket that’s why. Guys prepare to break matki.

Naira is checking the mud that opposition hasn’t mixed any rocks or such in it. Kartik says it would have been better if they sat elsewhere and romanced instead breaking matki.

Kirti is thirsty. Naksh gets her water. She looks at him. He asks what happened. She says nothing and drops water on her while drinking. Both laugh.

Adi’s friends bring him there. Adi says place is not his type. When leaving, he sees Kirti and stops. His friends say she looks so happy. They never saw smile on her face while she was with him. They say she has moved on and tell him to do the same. He drinks alcohol and looks on angrily.

Naira is taking some toys for kids. Kartik pulls her to a side and romances with her. Naira asks what he’s doing. Someone comes and they run away.

Manish and other old men challenge a young group in breaking matki. This angers Kartik as they are no competition to the young group that has been winning since last 4-5 years. Manish is determined to do the challenge whether anyone is with them or no. Kartik walks away. Naira tries to make him take part, but he refuses.

Precap: Kartik takes part in the challenge. While they make pyramid by standing on each other, Adi pushes one guy and all fall down.

Update Credit to: Jenny


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