Very often when people speak of justice, they are not referring to some abstract concept of law, or an ethereal vision of divine justice, but rather the more earthly idea of responding to a temporal wrong. They simply want to make sure that he who has caused suffering ends up suffering himself. The only way for the wrongdoer to know the pain that he has caused is by experiencing his own pain. That’s why the seeking of revenge is an understandable human impulse, precisely because, to the revenge-seeker, the result feels like justice. It speaks to the underlying raw hurt, the primal sense that some life-altering event had taken place, and that the perpetrator must be made to feel the same sense of deprivation and loss. ~ THANE ROSENBAUM, The Myth of Moral Justice

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The Vadhu – Var begin their new journey under the benevolent auspices of Nani. Chandni Narayan Vashisht literally “kick” starts her life as Chandni Advay Singh Raizada. The trembling lass is met with warm welcome and acceptance. A awwsy cute tete-a-tete with Chandni, a not so Awwsy tete-tete  with nathin Advay and the wedding couples retire to their room.

** A pretty normal scene that we see in every tellysoap but what made me like this was the nuances that was intrinsic in it. The quick look Chandni darts at Advay, seeking his permission or response when Nani tells Chandni to topple the kalash, Advay understanding and responding all quietly without uttering a word.

Then we have Nani, a terrific actress IMO who radiates wholesome positivity and love. Her tonal changes when she is speaking to Chandni, Cheeku or Murli is fabulous. You can understand her feelings, her disappointment and frustration when speaking with Cheeku, the tone of mistress when commanding Murli – pitch perfect.

Nani tries to hammer home truths into Advay’s thick skull, Advay as usual gives a non committal reply that Nani had to be content with*

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Chandni stands alone, looking forlorn and alone when Advay walks in and locks the door. Chandni is alramed and whipe out her favorite phrase (Don’t touch me), not that it has done her any good, Advay has touched her when he wanted to. This time is no differente, Advay coldly tells her that he has no intention of touching her but if SHE DOESN’T STAND in the SAME SPOT the entire night, he will touch her, touch throughout the night & leaving the terrified girl to her fate, goes to have his much needed beauty sleep & this is when I fell in love with Advay Singh Raizada.

** By lifting the veil of Chandni, Advay has symbolically lifted the veil off many things! The quite obvious one is ofcourse the emergence of Chandni from her frozen hole. The girl who had retreated into her shell, who was terrified of facing the world, will have to break the shackles, emerge from her cocoon & be the equal force to absorb the power of Advay. Chandni who was subjugated successfully will have to undo the process, be the quick witted girl with an independent mind that discerns right or wrong.

By lifting the veil, Advay has signaled the past has come to present. The past that was so successfully buried has now been exhumed. By lifting the veil off Moonlight, Advay has ushered in the light, dispelling the darkness**

The night slumbers on, ignorant of the tiny flame of retribution that has been lit today, a flame that’s going to turn into a conflagration destroying the lives of innocents and the culprits.

Dawn breaks the sky, but the eclipse in Chandni’s life continues. She comes close to discovering the reason for the hatred when timely arrival of Advay saves the day for Dev! Chandni’s sister’s come for a visit but had to contend with Advay who refuses them entry or contact with Chandni.

** Perhaps, this was the only moment when the well of compassion welled for Chandni in my heart. To be cut off so brutally from her sisters, from a chord that connects her to her previous life can be heartbreaking. But Advay remains true to his promise of hating anyone whom Chandni loves. Though retaining a mask of politeness, Advay executes his vachan. **

The beginning of the end of Advay has begun! The beginning of new hope has begun!


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