The Episode starts with Rajshri and Dadi saying the matki is too high, what’s the need to do all this. The men get ready and come. Everyone sees the matki. Ananya says we won’t participate, we will go. Manish says no, we will participate and win. Naira says Kartik is annoyed, if he was here…. Manish says even then we will try. Aditya applies red color to his face and joins them. The man announces about the competition. Naksh says its really tough. Yash agrees. The man says we have tried to make this game interesting, some rules are changed, every team will just get 5 mins for making pyramid and breaking Matki. They all get worried. The man says Matki will rotate, it will not be fixed straight. Kirti says its already tough and now this Matki will rotate, how to catch and break

it. Naira says its okay. Suwarna says I think we should encourage them. Aditya thinks thank God, if they moved back, my plan would have…..

Other team goes first, but fails. Naksh says this team which won since 5 years, if they couldn’t, how will we do. Manish says maybe we will win this time, it would have been good if Kartik was here. Naira says where are you Kartik. Second team attempts and breaks Matki. Everyone claps. The man says the one who breaks Matki first will win. Naitik says time got more less now.

Naitik and Manish go with the team. The man says one member is less in your team. Kartik comes and says its me. They all get glad and smile. Manish says thanks. Kartik says I m also part of this team, we will make everyone lose. Naira prays for all of them. Kartik says none should get hurt, that’s our biggest challenge and biggest prize. Naksh says yes Katik, we will try our best. Aditya thinks I will make your attempts fail. They all try. Naksh and Yash climb up. Manish asks Kartik to come on his shoulder. Aditya bends and makes Naksh fall down. They all scream.

Yash says why are we falling, we did well in practice time. They all try again. Everyone cheers for them. Aditya smiles seeing Kartik and Naksh. He pushes the man and makes Kartik fall. Manish holds Kartik in time and falls down. Everyone gets worried. Kartik asks are you fine. Manish says I m fine, break Matki, its imp, we have to pray for Kirti. Kartik says being with you is more imp. The other team makes fun of them. Manish says 30 seconds are left, just go. They form pyramid. Kartik doesn’t leave Manish. Naira looks on and ties her dupatta to her waist. She goes.

Manish asks Kartik to stop her. Kartik says you don’t know her. Aditya thinks climb high and then see how I make you fall. Kartik asks Naira to break other team’s record. Naira kicks Aditya unknowingly. He gets away. Kartik takes his place and holds her feet. Naira climbs up and breaks matki. Everyone claps for her and smiles. Aditya moves back and gets hurt. Kirti hears his scream and says it was Aditya’s voice….Manish says I m fine, nothing happened to me. Everyone hugs. Naira asks Manish is she fine. Manish says yes, you did amazing, well done. Naira says we will pray for Naksh and Kirti’s lifelong happiness. Dadi and everyone pray.

The man says you played well, but we can’t announce you winners, because there is a girl in your team. Everyone asks what does this matter. Even other team say its a thing of proud that a girl did this. The man announces Naira as winner and calls her on stage to receive the trophy. Naira gets the trophy. Everyone gets glad. Bau ji says we got prize and blessings also. Dadi says yes, Kirti and Naksh’s life will fill by happiness. Manish says thank God, my son didn’t got hurt. Kartik looks on. Dadi says its because of you. Manish says I will do anything for him, I m fine if he is fine. Kartik asks Naira not to say anything. Naira says I won’t say and goes. Manish asks everyone not to worry, pain will get less. Naitik asks him not to try to get up on own.

Naira goes to get something. Aditya answers a call. Naira hears him and turns. She sees Aditya and says will tell Kartik. Kirti says why do I feel Aditya is close. Lav asks Naira about Kirti, where did she go. Naira worries if Aditya did something. She asks kids to be with family.

Kartik asks Kirti why is she worried. Naira says Aditya came here. Dadi asks Naira why did you tell that in front of everyone, I m scared she can take any other decision.

Update Credit to: Amena


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