Woah!! If you feel like you have been crushed by 1000 ton rock, you would not be the only one. From a seemingly spiritual land, the show moved to the financial capital of India.

The episode began with neat tying of all the loop holes. Meghna comes to know about the baby and is predictably pissed off at her Badi Didi’s autocratic decision. A few home truths brings home the fact that she never would have been capable of taking care of the baby but what it importantly served to underline was that under the seemingly docile and timid exterior, Chandni possessed the steel, the gut to handle the baby issue and at the same time the courage to withstand her mother’s wrath. All these qualities are needed when she has to negotiate the labyrinth of Math Wizard known as Advay, who is a enigmatic puzzle.

Advay, the man from London has translocated to Mumbai along with his family. A glimpse into his family shows up a little boy with breath related problem, Advay’s younger sister and his Maasi! But the biggest surprise is reserved  at the transformation of Advay – from a calculative, ruthless, mean man to a genuinely caring, affectionate uncle or brother- Advay traverses the path effortlessly.

** The process of correction which began from the time of  PP’s bride seeing finally saw its high point today. This has been a slow and steady buildup but kudos to the Production house for keeping it completely under the wraps and springing the surprise.

To many, this might seem as a rebooting but it is not, one can say, it has been re-wrapped sniping out bulky wastage’s!

Have you ever wondered how Dev became Advay? Surely not because of Nani! If Nani had her way, She would have reinforced love and positivity and the young boy would have grown up into a normal, probably well- adjusted Dev. BUT there had to be someone who would proactively pour poison into his heart, one who would keep the flame of hatred burning in his bosom. That person had to be close to him, should have influence over him and have the strength and intelligence to mould him into Advay- The vengeance seeker! Today, we began to get a glimpse of the birth of Advay and the person who created Advay.

Till yesterday, we had the family picture of the Vashisht’s with nary a clue about how Dev became Advay? How he had the resources to buy the house or spend so lavishly on the wedding? We did not know how he had access to gadgets etc. Today we got a glimpse into Advay’s background which partially went on to explain his access to wealth & gadgets.

Now that Advay has shifted to Mumbai, would his ardor for revenge cease? On the contrary, a new phase will begin soon, more intense, more vicious and this time pitting both the houses against each other.

The Game has just begun!


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