What a pulsating episode that moved in breakneck speed! Every minute hit by a twist that left you gasping for breath while your mind grasped to process the swiftly changing scenario.

Advay, a man who sees, seeks and converts opportunities into advantages is not about to let go of the golden goose that has landed on his platter. He capitalizes on the weakness of Chandni, his determination to subject her and her family to the same humiliation that his family was subjected too by the Vashishts trouncing all the goodness in him.

Screenshot - 28-08-2017 , 19_59_54

Advay’s mother was labelled as witch in front of the society, so Vashisht’s daughter gets branded as bitch in front of the same society. An unwed mother who could not control her libido, a fallen woman  with the child as the token of her characterless-ness. In one fell swoop, Advay has deprived Vashisht’s of their honor, status and the clout they wielded over the the Allahabad society.

The boy who was deprived off his home wants more, crowning their indignity, Advay gleefully informs them of their current Facebook status – “Homeless, abandoned & bankrupt”.

The night is young, Advay’s quest for humiliating Vashisht’s hasn’t ended. Without batting an eye, without taking his eyes off Chandni’s face, in front of the Allahabad elite, he dumps his day old bride!

The utter humiliation of V family is irrevocably & irreversibly done!

This is when viewer’s who had been watching with pent up breath will start breathing while mind clamours with questions.

Watching the episode, I could not but admire the irony of few situations. The first one was obviously the escapade of Chandni through the side door, while the sisters were all about Chandni leaving Advay and leading a peaceful life, they were absolutely dumbstruck when Advay hands them the very thing they had planned!

The second was when the aggressor becomes the victim and you empathize both the times. Though you know Chandni is innocent, it is an undeniable truth that her words were the reason for what is haunting her to the present day. Unfortunately, She hasn’t been made aware of her omissions and she suffers for mistakes committed in innocence.

Advay has been ruthless, clinical and precise in his extraction of justice. He has hurt them where it hurts the most without shedding a drop of blood. True to Chanakya’s technique, he has adopted and adapted all tactics without bothering about code of conduct. His single minded focus has been scary yet when he breaks down remembering the sunlit days, you cannot but feel for his despair.

In a way, both Chandni and Advay are prey to Truth! They are reacting to a facet of truth without knowing the complete truth. Their confidence stems from the awareness that they know it all yet they are conscious of minuscule portion of entire truth. How will it rock their views, their preset judgement ( when they realize there is more to truth than they believe) is going to be interesting to see in the days ahead?

Advay is all set to depart for his home. His revenge complete! but is it complete? His desire to see them humiliated is complete but has his hatred run its course? The hate still burns in his heart, coursing through his veins, guiding his every actions. It neither has diminished nor destroyed. Haven’t we been told that the story is about how love heals the hate?

Screenshot - 28-08-2017 , 20_00_29

This is the test for Chandni. Quite early in the show, Chandni has emphatically said, hate begets hate but she would rather love than return the hate. Her actions have so far matched what she had avowed. Would Advay’s actions stir the dormant hate in her or would she take the higher moral ground and be his healer?

The journey is not going to be easy, it’s not easy to be neutral about a man who single handedly destroyed her credibility, her family, her character. A man who insulted her mother, wrecked her chances at happiness but if she gave up , her vachan of discovering the reason for the hate would come undone.

Will she prove to be as relentless, as determined as her mother thinks her to be? or will she be burned by the fury unleashed by Advay?

This is a trial by fire for Chandni. One wrong move can incinerate her but if she crosses this river of fire, love awaits!

Chandni is a survivor! She will Survive.



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