The Episode starts with Naira going to Kirti and saying maybe I have seen Aditya, did you also see. Kirti says he said…. Everyone takes pics and wait for Naira. Naira gets Kirti. Kartik asks Kirti why does she look worried. He asks Naira what happened. Naira says Aditya came here. They all get shocked. Naira says I have seen him and even Kirti. Manish gets angry. Kartik asks where is he. Naira says its fine, he just said sorry to Kirti. Manish asks Kirti did he do anything wrong or say anything, don’t be scared. Kirti says no, he just said sorry. Naksh says we should inform police. Akhilesh says what will we say, we can’t involve police, we have to take care of Kirti, we should not leave Kirti alone, Aditya can file case on Kartik for beating him on engagement day. Surekha

agrees. Naitik says we will leave now. They all leave. Naira says this can’t be coincidence, that Aditya comes wherever we go, he shows decency, I feel its something fishy. Aditya looks at her. Kartik takes Naira.

Dadi prays at home. Kartik says why does Aditya always come to eye our happiness. Naira asks him to go to Kirti. She hugs Dadi and asks her not to worry, we will take care of Kirti. Dadi says whatever Aditya did, we can’t control that, but you should think and talk. Naira asks what did I do. Dadi asks why did you tell this in front of everyone, we could talk at home, Naksh was there, your Maayka was also there. Naira asks are they different. Dadi says we are one family, but there is different Maryada, that’s Kirti’s would be sasural, if her past comes out, they will be worried, their patience will break, Naksh will get annoyed. Naira says you know my family, this won’t happen, they are sensible, they will support Kirti more. Dadi says I know, but till when will they support, everyone was so quiet and didn’t say a word, I m afraid they can take some other decision.

Suwarna and Akhilesh get Manish home. Kirti asks what did doctor say. Suwarna says there is no fracture, but there is internal swelling. Manish says its small thing. Akhilesh says there is much swelling. Kartik keeps cushion and rests Manish’s back. They all smile. Kartik says I m sorry, it happened because of me. Manish asks are you mad, I can bear my pain, not children’s pain, its big thing you are fine. They receive a bouquet from Singhanias. Surekha reads message, that its for Kirti, forget whatever happened and stay happy. Kirti and everyone smile. Kirti says Naira’s family is very sweet. She thanks Naira. Naira says its your good fate. Kirti says this was not possible if your and Kartik’s relation didn’t join. Manish agrees. Surekha tells Dadi that she is jealous of Naira sometimes, whatever the matter, Naira gets the credit always, everyone praises Naira.

Its night, Naira asks Kartik why is he smiling. He praises her. He says Kirti also said our lives would have not got so much happiness without you. She says don’t praise me much. He says you and your family deserve a praise for supporting Kirti. She says we will always support, its not anything big, I have some work. Kartik holds her and says we were in same team and it was no fun, we will have a competition now, one who wins will make the other agree to a condition. He shows her a vase and says think its a Matki, we have to break it, one who breaks it first will win. He gets a ball. They hit ball and break vase. Naira says we both won and lost, how to decide now. He says we will punish each other. She asks how. He lifts her and dances. Music plays…. They romance.

Its morning, Manish tries to take his phone. Phone falls down. Kartik looks on. He picks phone and gives to Manish. He puts cushion behind for his comfort. Manish smiles. Singhanias come and surprise them. They say we came to meet Kirti and Manish. Dadi welcomes them. Naitik asks Manish how is he. Manish says I m fine. Rajshri asks Kirti about sangeet dress, did you think of matching dress. Dadi asks Kirti not to be shy. Naira asks Kirti to show. Kirti shows the dress. Rajshri likes it and shows to Naksh. Naira asks how is it. Naksh says very beautiful, it will suit Kirti a lot. Dadi says their likes match, Kirti you choose Naksh’s clothes as well. Kirti says I don’t know his choice, Naira chose this. Everyone praise Naira’s choice. Dadi hears them. Naksh asks Naira to come home, then they will decide sangeet them. They say Naira has to decide everything, and also make us rehearse dance. Naira asks them not to take tension. Surekha says how will Kirti make her place there if this goes on. Dadi asks Naira to come with her.

She asks Naira to listen and understand. She says I told you, its Kirti and Naksh’s marriage, they should be centre of attraction, it should happen as per Kirti’s choice, right. Naira nods. Dadi says everything stops on you, till you vacate the place, none can take that place, let Kirti take the place, I hope you understood and will imply it. She goes. Devyaani and everyone talk about songs. Kartik and Naksh ask Naira the theme and song playlist. Naira says Kirti and Naksh will decide everything, I will attend function as guest. They all look on. Dadi and Surekha smile.

Naira gets Soumya Goenka’s reports and asks Dadi about Soumya’s health problem.

Update Credit to: Amena


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