Warden takes Maya to kitchen to work. She says she seems to be up to something. Maya says she is dead and is waiting for someone to lift her dead body. Warden says she has gone mad. At Saanjh’s house, Suman tells Arjun that he cannot meet Saanjh till marriage as per rituals. Arjun agrees after a bit of drama. Maya carves Arjun’s name on floor and makes hole in earthen pot. Inmates discuss she has gone mad. Maya does Arjun’s last rights. Inmates discus she was mad behind her husband now and crossed limits to meet him and now is doing his last rights. Arjun tells Suman she can impose any rituals, he will take Saanjh in palanquin at last. She says she is his saas. He says she is his mother and hugs him. Jailer comes and slaps Maya for creating drama. Maya gives her lawyer’s number

and asks to call him. Maya asks what is this. She says as a jailer she has to fulfill dying person’s wishes.

Suman while working in kitchen sees window glass breaking and scolds neighbor children thinking they broke glass while playing cricket. Arjun silently enters. Suman catches him and says she knows he broke glass to divert her attention and let him meet Saanjh. She sends him away. He returns to his house and thinks he cannot meet Saanjh, but can send her a gift. He messages Saanjh that he cannot meet her or speak, he can send her a gift at least and she should wait till his gift arrives.

Maya’s old employee Lalvani comes to meet her. She reminisces bribing him to know whether Arjun loves her or not, Arjun catching him red-handed and punishing him. She tells this time she wants him to do something for Saanjh and not. Lalvani reminisces incident and says whatever he is is because of Maya and he can do anything for her, he did not think her love will send her to jail, he will hire country’s best lawyer for her and will take care of Saanjh. Maya thinks Arjun gave her reason to live again.

Saanjh gets Arjun’s gift and happily informs family. She opens gift and is shocked to see widow’s broken bangles and white sari, drops box panicking. Suman sees that and runs to find out who sent it. She consoles Saanjh. Saanjh calls Arjun and he asked if she got surprise gift. Saanjh stammers Maya.

Maya in her jail scratches Arjun’s tattoo on her hand and injures it. She says Arjun’s love had made her forget herself and now she is returning back. She repeats her dialogue that if love tries to control one self, they should destroy its presence.

Precap: Arjun tells Saanjh that Maya’s hatred cannot stop their marriage, let her come and try to stop it. He applies sindhooor on Saanjh’s forehead.

Update Credit to: MA


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