The long and tiring day hasn’t ended for Raizada’s nor for Narayan. Chandni wakes up remembering her mother. As usual, she calls her mother and just as predictably usual, Indrani Vashisht Narayan cuts the call. Chandni is someone who will not be deterred, once she has decided, nothing will stop her from her intended mission, not even the other person’s wishes. Chandni has decided to win over her mother’s love and a mere indifference of Indrani is not going to stop her.

** A rather sentimental and touching scene but in a way, it showed the mindset of Chandni & of eavesdropping Advay. Chandni speaks about how love between two hearts is never equal and how one heart always loves more than the other. She also speaks about love defeating hate.

It is true, two person cannot love each other with the same depth or intensity. In this scale of love, how true, how strong will be Chandni’s love for Advay or Advay’s love for Chandni. Will Chandni love for Indrani prove stronger thus exposing Advay once again to danger or Will Advay’s love be the shield that will allow Chandni to withstand the fiery furnace of Indrani’s hate. **

Advay who overheard Chandni speaking to her Mama realizes Chandni is emotionally overwrought. The softy in him melts at the anguish of Chandni. He quickly prepares Chandni’s comfort food – Noodles and gets Pooja to serve it.

**Advay, how much ever he tries cannot simply hate Chandni. Hating Indrani comes easily to him but Chandni is his weakness. Despite consciously trying to be cold & ruthless, despite trying to intimidate her or punish her – his heart is simply not in it. He is going through the motions but for the sake of it than with any fixed goal. Advay cannot bear to see Chandni in pain**

Once Chandni stomach is full and she feels sufficiently strong enough not to mope, comes Advay full on ‘Advay’ mode. He gently and politely asks her to pack her bags and get out. Chandni equally polite & obstinately declines to accept his invite. Advay does not waste his breath by issuing threats, with a small smile, he tells chandni to lock her room. Once the room is locked, he unleashes spiders, her dreaded object of terror. But the plan has a fatal flaw. The spiders are poisonous. Advay rushes in, saves Chandni, getting bitten in the process. Chandni who has fainted, wakes up to what she thinks is a night mare but finds herself surrounded by the halo of protective love. Chandni comes to know that it was Advay who saved just as she knows that it was Advay who actually released the spider.

Chandni searches for and finds Advay. Advay who is hiding something right in front of her. Chandni confronts Advay, demanding explanation and the reason behind his hatred. Advay as usual fobs her off but Chandni promises that she will find the reason for his hate.

**It is at this moment we realize this episode is for Chandni. We get her thought process when she is speaking to Mama. Her’s is that rare kind of love that has no expectations. She loves without the expectation of receiving love in kind. She is optimistic, believes love can and will vanquish the hate monster. She is relentless, brush her away from you path, she entwines around your leg not allowing you to ignore her. Hit back at her, she will bend over in pain but will not break. In fact, she springs back into action, her zeal undiminished. This in essence what Chandni Vashisht Narayan is made of – A woman who loves, who willingly gives you space yet never allows you to forget the bonds of relationships.

Chandni whose sun was her family has turned her attention away from her family and focused on Advay. From regarding him as a ghoul who humiliated and destroyed her family to wondering who is this enigma known as Advay Singh Raizada – Chandni has begun to wonder.

She has begun to remember the dots where he saved her after putting her into trouble, she remembers when he came to her rescue when others were reduced to mere watchers, she remembers the times when he personally insulted her but prevented others from humiliating her. She has begun to see the dots, will Chandni connect this dots, make a path that leads her into unlocking the puzzle known as Advay Singh Raizada? Mind you, in this process she will cease to be CVN and will begin to transform into CSR – Is moon ready for the transit?**


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