Scene 1
Natasha comes to Abhi and asks him to wake up, she says papa wake up? she beats him with pillow, he wakes up and pulls her for a hug, he says why did you wake me? Natasha says how would I get breakfast without waking you up? mama is still sleeping, daughter is up but she is still sleeping, I am hungry, make something, he says okay I will make breakfast fro you, Natasha takes piggy ride on his back, they come in kitchen, he asks what my princess want? she says aloo paratha, Abhi says I dont know to make it. Natasha says I know it, she guides him. Abhi starts making, he creates a mess but Natasha gives him instructions, Abhi pours too much water in flour, she says now we can play with it, they start playing with flour. Tanu comes there and asks what is happening here? Abhi says nothing, Natasha

says he was making aloo paratha but couldnt, Abhi says now you make it. Abhi gives piggy ride to Natasha and leaves kitchen. Tanu sees them together and looks on.

Naitra is in lounge, photo frame falls from her hands. Rishi comes there and asks if she is fine? she nods, he takes photo frame and sees its his, Tanya, Natasha and Tanuja’s picture. Naitra says I saw it, you were seeing this photo on laptop so I thought to frame it and put it in your room so you can see whenever you want. Rishi says no one understands me, atleast someone does, thank you, she smiles and says I will hang it in your room. Rishi says arent you scared? to get snatched away from everything? Naitra says you promised me that you wont separate me from Tanya and I trust you fully so no fear, she leaves in hurry.

Rishi comes to his office, he is working, his mind drifts of to Tanu and recalls her asking him to not call her ever again. Pen falls from Rishi’s hands, he bows down to take it but imagines Tanu looking up at him, he looks around but sees it was his imagination only. Rishi says you cane get separated me from 7 years or 7 births but you will still be in my heart, always. Humari adhuri kahani plays. Tanu is in her room, she recalls her moments with Rishi, she smiles through her tears recalling it. In his office, Rishi recalls Tanu panicking and leaving him when he talked about Natasha, he says enough, I want to know why she left me 7 years back, why she ranaway, there is something, she has to tell me today, we wont fight today, we will talk gently and with love today, he calms himself down. Rishi starts to leave his office but lawyer stops him, he says I have filed your case and party would get notice, rishi asks what case? Lawyer says your mother asked me to file custody case for your daughter, Rishi is shocked and leaves.

Scene 2
Courier guy brings papers to Tanuja. Tanuja opens and reads it, she is shocked to read legal notice. Abhi comes there and asks what happened? Tanu says this.. this is the legal notice for Natasha’s custody. Abhi is stunned to see it. Abhi says Rishi showed his character, you were taking this Rishi’s side, he destroyed your life and wants to destroy my doll’s life now, I brought police but he brought whole law here, I wont spare him, he doesnt know that it was only Tanuja that could bear him but now I am standing against him, Abhishek Khurrana, he throws papers and leaves, Tanu looks on.

Rishi comes home in anger and asks where is Rano? he shouts for her, all come in lounge. Rishi asks where is mom? Raj asks why he is angry? Rishi comes to Rano’s room, she asks why are you shouting? Rishi says I told calmly, cant you understand? Rano says I have done what is right and I wont talk more, Raj asks what happened? Rano says I have filed case for Natasha’s custody, all are stunned to hear it. Rishi says I told you to not bring law and police between me and my daughter, Rano says I want my granddaughter, I am not like you to sit silently, I brought Natasha to just play with her, if I kept Natasha for 2-3 days then she could have made the scene but nshe reacted right away. Rano says she did drama of police arrest here, if she can do it then why cant I file case? Natasha is our blood, our heir and I will bring her in this house. Raj says what game are you playing? I know blood is blood but we dont play with relations. Rishi says you did mistake by sending legal notice, I could have talked to them gently but you have closed all ways, you are the culprit. Rano says yes I am bad, you all accuse me, I just want my granddaughter, Tanuja wont her to us, she didnt even tell us about her, Rishi stop being under Tanuja’s spell, Tanuja is not like what she seems, she is shrewd and liar. Rishi shouts at Rano enough! not a word against Tanuja, I did what you asked me for these 7 years but I wont listen anymore, when Tanu was in this house, you made her life hell and now she is not here, atleast spare her now. Rano says you are talking to your mother for that Tanu? Raj says please stop it Rano. Rano says only I am wrong in this house. Raj says no one is wrong, I am wrong, I gave you freedom more than needed, spoiled you and now you try to make decisions for everyone, Rishi said that he doesnt want court and case’s mess then whats the need to go there? from the time Rishi has married Tanu, you have made their lives hell, look at him, he is in this condition because of you. Rano says I am bad for everyone, no one understands that I am doing all this for my granddaughter, I love her, she came to this house on Janmashtami, I didnt know her relation with me but still I loved her, blood recognizes blood, I want my granddaughter in this house. Rishi says enough, did you think that Tanuja kept her in her womb for 9 months? Rishi says I know you are her grandmother and I am her father but that doesnt mean we should bring her here, Tanuja is her mother, mother has most right and she has the first right on child, Rano glares at him.

PRECAP- Rishi says to Abhi that your Natasha? Abhi says yes my daughter, my Natasha, my princess, my life. Rishi glares at him and says my life, my blood, my heir and my daughter. Abhi says she is not your daughter but mine.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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