Jailer sees Maya injuring her hand and scolds that she has gone mad in love. Maya delivers her dialogue. Jailer says she will put her in another cell. Warden brings orders and tells there is an order that Maya should be kept in cleaner and safe cell. Jailer asks if she really received this order, where is he now. Warden says she is out on official work and did not get order at all.

Saanjh panics seeing widow’s sari and broken bangles as gift and tells Arjjun that Maya is everywhere, she is back. Arjun says she cannot come out of jail, calls jail and asks where is Maya. Warden says solitary confinement and cannot tell anything more, disconnects call.

Jailer takes Maya in open and ties her to a tree. She says nobody can escape from her. Inmatges discussed till when she will feel

torture, another one says she has tortured so many people and her torture is very less. Constable asks jailer to free Maya as she lost a lot of blood. Maya says she will decide her time and place and death, right now someone will die.

Saanjh continues panicking. Arjun takes her in front of god’s photo and says he did not connect with god well, but Saanjh does, she should trust god. He picks sindhoor and is about to apply it on her forehead when Jahnvi stops him and asks if he will let Maya win even this time, Maya forced them to walk on her shown path, not anymore. She says Saanjh will marry in front of everyone with celebrations.

Maya is tied till night and her condition worsens. Warden tells jailer that she lost lot of blood and if she dies, they will be in trouble. Jailer says she will stop when Maya is about to die and then repeat punishment again. She frees Maya and takes her to cell. After sometime, warden informs Maya that someone came to meet her and takes her to visiting area. Maya is surprised to see Jahnvi, runs and hugs her and complains that jailer tortured her a lot. Jhanvi asks warden to call jailer. Jailer comes and nervously says Maya troubled them a lot and self-inflicted injuries. Jahnvi asks why did she leave Maya alive till now, she did not torture Maay well. She asks Maya to die 3 days and spare her Arjun and Saanjh. Maya ais shocked to hear t hat.

Saanjh and Arjun’s wedding celebrations starts at they both dress up at bride and groom. Ayan and Shubh dance. Arjun asks where is Jahnvi. Ayan says she must have gone to bring gift. Saanjh is seen apply mehandi on her hands. Lalvani enters as waiter and reminisces his promise made to Maya to tackle Saanjh.

Precap: Maya promises Jahnvi that Maya Arjun Sharma will die after 3 days and Maya Mehrotra will be born who will never forget her enemies, bet it Arjun, Saanjh, or her own mother.

Update Credit to: MA


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