What a splendid episode it was. The episode was pitch perfect in its diverse emotions. From the unstated sibling bond to the bonding between two “supposed”adversaries, everything was delivered in correct measures.

Chandni is that tenacious terrier who has got the bone in between her teeth – that bone is Advay!. Chandni has started to dig deep, is trying to peel the layer from the puzzle called Advay. As first resort, Chandni approaches Nani who proved she is everybody’s Nani and left Chandni utterly confused and clueless. Next she approaches Pooja who flounders as she seeks route to escape. Her escape is made more difficult when Adi intervenes. Before Adi can unravel everything, pops up Cheeku Mama who cleverly engages Adi and diverts his mind.

Once the house is empty of all souls, Advay turns his complete and full focus on Chandni. When Chandni remains steadfast in her resolution to discover the real Advay, Advay allows her a glimpse into his world. That horrifying vision of his living hell stuns Chandni to the core. The nightmare has not ended for Chandni, before she can cover herself in the comforting blanket of anger and rip off Advay. Advay delivers further shock when he topples over like gigantic tree. Uncomprehending, Mind refusing to believe what the eye saw, Chandni stands flustered and alone. A feeble command from her husband not withstanding, Chandni takes Advay to the hospital where she discovers another facet to her husband that completely throws off her previous calculations.

** When I saw the episode, I was simply swept away by the amazing acting of Barun Sobti. I have noticed that Television actors do not invest completely into their acting, most often they go through the scenes firing on half cylinder but here is this man who gives it his all!! It’s no surprise that his colleagues have nothing but words of praise for this amazing, amazing actor!

From the moment he comes on screen, the gamut of expressions that criss crosses his face leaves us enthralled. Be it the slight warning shake of his head in response to Pooja’s mute question or the indulgent affection he showers over Adi which swiftly turns to subtle menace when he faces the pocket dynamo Chandni. The menace quickly veering off to unadulterated intense rage  which quickly turns inward into anguish as he stands transfixed watching the burning bangles and the final collapse. Barun Sobti, You deserve a standing ovation.

Onion! While watching the episode, I was reminded of this layered bulb. Very similar to Advay, on the outside Advay looks like a complete and whole individual yet when you probe below the surface, you find that you cannot compartmentalize Advay into one little slot.

Chandni who is hell bent on discovering Advay found out this surprising fact to her consternation. To her surprise, Advay did not remain as a scary monster rustled up from hell to put the fear of god in her! To her chagrin, she realized Advay has a softer side, a human side that is capable of love and of immense sacrifice.

It’s not easy for a person to even part with a drop of blood and to part with an healthy organ that leaves you vulnerable to sickness  requires a big heart filled with abundance of love. A love that’s so strong and so deep, it does not worry about itself but willingly gives away part of itself without any expectations. Chandni who wanted to find out about Advay is dumbfounded at his capacity to love, love without any conditions, love without any expectations.

Despite Advay’s efforts, Chandni has begun to peel the layers. Her first glimpse of the man beneath the mask has left her speechless. Compassion has begun to stir in Chandni’s heart. The frozen tableaux is thawing, when will spring come into this barren land?

Is Chandni ready to withstand the pain that has been dammed up deep inside his soul? What further tests will Chandni have to undergo to unravel the mystery of Advay Singh Raizada?


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