At the party, Shivaay and Rudra will be seen dancing with other girls. Anika and Bhavya will be shocked to see them dancing with other girls. Shivaay and Rudra too, will be shocked seeing their wives.

On Ishqbaaz, the viewers are excited to watch Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) and Anika’s marriage. The makers are keeping the audiences engaged with the latest track. In the upcoming episode, Shivaay will organise a bachelor party. The drama at the bachelor party will definitely make the audiences laugh.

Rudra and Shivaay think that, like typical wives, Bhavya and Anika too, would scold them. But they will be surprised, as they too, join them on the dance floor.

After party, Rudra and Shivaay will be shocked as the girl whom Shivaay was dancing with, will be seen lying dead, on the bed!

On getting to know that Anika and Bhavya are approaching the room, Rudra and Shivaay hide the girl! Bhavya doubts something fishy is going on and starts searching the room.
Somehow Shivaay manages to divert Bhavya. Meanwhile, Dadi comes to the room with the girl they thought was dead and this leaves Shivaay and Rudra shocked.
The girl reveals that stayed back at Shivaay’s house as she was drunk. Was it Dadi and Anika’s plan to test Shivaay? Stay locked to this space for the latest updates of the show…

Via: Filmibeat


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