The episode went predictably as one expected. The rasoi ceremony created moments of drama and trauma. Chandni, proves to be the loyal daughter and puts mushrooms in every dishes but has she put mushrooms in ALL dishes since Adi specifically mentioned JELLY  – That scene has not ended despite the thappad.

Advay believes he has won the battle, doesn’t lose the time to bundle Chandni out of his home and life but here comes the famous 4 Lions quirk or twist, they refuse to let the hero kick her out, instead the heroine who had been contentedly supplying non stop water to the Raizada household through her tears decides “Ab Bas, the Keep Calm” moment has long become overrated and decides to take the strings of her kickout in her hands. After a stinging rebuke at Advay, Chandni packs her suitcase and walks out and away from Advay’s life with her things and with the memorabilia box of Advay. She does not realize she has with her the key that will unlock the closely guarded secrets, a beacon which will help her find her way from the maze in which she is trapped.

Luckily fate in the form of well placed stone intervenes causing Chandni to fall down and her brightly colored bag to open up revealing the content’s of Advay’s box. The contents therein, a revelation and a mystery for Chandni.

** I had read somewhere an author saying about revealing a major flashpoint in a novel. He said the flashpoint would be revealed in such a way that the reader should never knew its coming, be utterly dumbfounded when it is revealed  and yet feel like an ass for not realizing that one did not pick up the slight hints thrown here and there, suffice to say, I felt like that ass when I realized that yes, the “Yeh Dev kehta tha” was happening from past two episodes, added to that was Chandni’s illuminating,”I don’t know the reason for your hate, fire blah blah and even when I ask you never give me a straight answer” was a augury that yes, the mystery of Advay was opening up pretty soon. Hind sight they say has perfect vision, which is what we had.

Was it necessary for Chandni to know that Dev and Advay were one and the same? It absolutely was! Early in the episode, Advay says,”Tum Mohra ho, Chandni”. Yes!! exactmento ! Chandni was a mohra,a blind pawn who was used and abused by Indrani and Advay. But Chandni can remain a pawn no longer. She needs to choose sides and soon. For that to happen, Chandni has to become a player herself. How will she become a player when she doesn’t have any information to begin with?

The locket unlocked the door to tightly guarded secrets allowing her to make her choice. It just doesn’t end with choices. The pawn which was shuttled from Vashisht House to Raizada house had to have an incentive to come back to Raizada house once it is realized that she never had any intention to harm Adi.

Though Nani or Adi may force Advay to get Chandni back. Chandni is under no obligation to return to a house where she has to live with a man who makes no bones about hating her, who never leaves an opportunity to hurt, humiliate or threaten her. That locket is the inducement needed for Chandni to return to Raizada house, to discover why and how fate turned her only love into her bitterest enemy. Chandni cannot uncover the truth by being a mohra, she had to become a player and for that she had to know Dev and Advay were the same.**




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