The Episode starts with everyone worrying for Kartik. Kids come and ask about him. Akhilesh says Kartik went to office. Kids ask Suwarna to make something for them. The keys fall down. She sees Manish. Kids ask did anything fall down, we can find anything. They get the keys. Manish looks on. He gets a call and turns. Suwarna gets keys from kids and asks them to come, she will make food for them.

Ananya asks Naira to come, Kartik will come. Devyaani calls them. They all dance on Prem ka aisa rang….. Naira waits for Kartik. Naitik sees Akshara’s pic. Naira hugs Naitik. Bhabhimaa hugs Naksh. Dadi says its night now, Kartik didn’t return. Manish says where can he go. Akhilesh says police is also finding. Surekha says how long will we hide this from Kirti and Naira. Suwarna

asks Lord what test is he taking, where did Kartik go, please send him to Naira. Ananya makes Naira dance. Police comes to Goenka house with Kartik’s belongings. They all worry. Naira dances with everyone.

Naitik gets a call and goes aside. Someone says I got to know your son in law’s accident happened, so sorry, tell me if you need help. Naitik says I didn’t understand. The man says Kartik Goenka’s accident happened, I called you on knowing it. Naitik gets shocked. He sees Naira. Naksh sees Naitik stumbling and runs to hold him. Naksh and Yash ask what happened. Naitik says Kartik’s accident happened. They get shocked. Naira hears this and faints. Naksh runs and holds her. Naitik, Naksh and Yash come to hospital and see Manish and Akhilesh.

Naksh asks why did you tell us, commissioner is Naitik’s friend and told him. Akhilesh says we just came on knowing it. Inspector comes and says Kartik was brought to hospital in such state, doctor said he has slipped in coma. They get shocked. Doctor says he is much injured, we got him in unconscious state. They go to see Kartik. Manish says he is not my son Kartik. Inspector asks are you sure. Akhilesh says yes, he is not Kartik. Inspector says you said wallet and watch is of Kartik. Manish says yes, its of Kartik. Inspector says it means this is not just an accident. Naitik hugs Manish and says Kartik will be fine, maybe the man has robbed Kartik. Inspector says we just got this man at that place, maybe he has made Kartik get down the car, its a robbery case, I was going there now. Manish asks can we come along. Akhilesh says we can help you. Inspector says fine, come. They all leave.

Bhabhimaa asks Naira to get up and cries. They all ask Bhabhimaa to calm down. Naira gets up and shouts Kartik. She panics. Ananya says that accident victim is someone else, Kartik will be fine, everyone is finding him. Naira gets sad. She lights the diya. Lagta hai sab kuch….plays……… She prays and thinks Kartik can be annoyed and fight with me, I want my Kartik back. Everyone prays along.

The men and police come to accident site and see the car. Manish sees car number. Naitik asks inspector about Kartik. Inspector says just that man was in car. Manish asks where did my son go. Inspector says we will find him. Naksh says we will go and find him. Dadi, Kirti and Suwarna come to meet Naira and ask where is she. Naira leaves. Bau ji says I will tell Naitik and Naksh. Dadi says Naira did wrong to go in fasting state, the fight…. They all ask about the fight. Naira says I m coming to you Kartik, I kept Teej fast for you, even Lord is with us.

Kirti says sorry, we explained them a lot. Bhabhimaa says they didn’t let us know, Naira is sad and smiling for our sake. Devyaani says yes, don’t know to love them or get angry on them. Bhabhimaa says its their first Teej and they are annoyed, then this problem. Devyaani asks her to see everything will get fine, they will pass all tests. Kirti gives water to Bhabhimaa. Suwarna says why are you losing hope, Kartik was lost in sand storm, Naira got him, Naira will get him even today, I trust her. Naitik asks did she go mad. Naksh says she didn’t tell anyone and silently left after puja. Akhilesh recalls and says you all remember marriage day incident, Naira will find Kartik, no need to worry. Manish says but we should keep trying. Naksh says yes, we will keep trying and find him. They leave. Naira reaches there and sees Kartik’s car. She cries and says where are you Kartik, where shall I find you.

Naira shouts Lord you can’t do this. Naira opens the car dicky and finds Kartik lying unconscious inside.

Update Credit to: Amena


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