After the racy, high energy Friday’s episode, Monday’s episode was that of a tranquil pond settling back to its serenity but still being the reservoir for strong undercurrents of deep emotions that cannot be washed or wished away.

Life is a circle; it ends where it began is what we are taught and in many ways, life has come full circle for Advay and Chandni.

Advay barged his way into Chandni’s life without bothering nor caring to know her feelings. He connived and manipulated his way into marriage without caring whether his mate wanted it. He was driven by the force of hate, hate can conquer but cannot win over people.

Despite numerous planned seductions, Advay could not win over Chandni but the moment Chandni realizes that Advay is her Dev. Love wins in a sec. The forced mementos of marriages become the gifts of love gently accepted by Chandni. The oaths taken under Hate transforms itself as Vows of love. What will happen when Hate and Love confront each other? As I said, Hate can conquer but it is always LOVE that triumphs! Advay’s hate may have conquered Chandni but it is Dev’s love that will Triumph.

Chandni knows her Dev is buried beneath the grouchy and vengeful exterior of Advay. She knows the process is not going to be easy, Advay will not cede defeat so easily. She is prepared for the tests and will wow him whether he wishes to or not.

Life indeed has come a full circle. From a man who willfully manipulated his way into Chandni’s life to a woman who is determinedly making her way into his heart where she already is!

Chandni has begun her process of getting back her love. She annoys him, reminds him of their childhood, seeks explanation for his deep rooted hate and when he turns on his “Taunt-o- faucet” dripping full of scorn and disbelief. She hits him with their memory stone.

It was a moment I loved very much. Here was a girl who treasured that stone, who guarded it through the years, who never let go, casually throwing it at the back of Advay. Advay who has declared that Chandni is dead to him and that there are no memories of his childhood is shaken and moved when he sees the common stone he had given to Chandni guarded like a diamond. There is a momentary softness in him but I am betting, it will be momentary before the scorning, disdainful mask of Advay is back on his face. But that moment did reveal, Dev is nearby, always near to Chandni – All she has to be is – firm in her resolve to bring back her love trapped in the hatred of Advay.

It was also a symbolic let go of Chandni of her fears, of her anchor. Until that moment, that stone provided the anchor to her, kept her afloat when the waters turned choppy or threatened to drown her with its swirling undercurrent. By returning the stone to the architect who made it, she has announced that she no more needs the anchor because she has found her anchor, her strength in Advay/Dev. The stone has made its rightful way back to its creator after fulfilling it’s mission and by bringing back the two lost souls to the same path. The journey now has to be Advay and Chandni’s..



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