Scene 1
Tanu is in market with Natasha, Natasha says I am hungry, I want an apple. Tanu buys apples for her. Natasha says I will choose them, she buys it from stall. Apple’s seller’s wife comes there and asks him to have food, he says I am not hungry, she says please eat. Tanu looks at them and recalls how Rishi got miffed with her for spending time with family and not giving him time, Tanu said I made it for you, Rishi said I am angry with you and I am not hungry, Tanu scolded him but he remained miffed, she held her ears and said sorry, Rishi said I would melt seeing your innocent face, Tanu found an apple under pillow, Tanu asked why you are not hungry? she showed him apple and said that you had fruits at time of dinner and are not hungry then put it on me that I dont give you time?

she started beating him with pillow, they fell in each others arms and lovingly gazed at each other,pillow feathers fall on them, Rishi laughed at her for having feather on her head, she showed feather on his head and asked him to laugh now, she angrily tried to leave but Rishi held her hand and pulled closer, he asked where are you going? lets not be angry and eat together, Tanu said I made it for you but you are not hungry so I wont make you eat now.. Rishi tried to stop her but she left with food… Tanu gets sad recalling that flashback. She buys apples and asks for rates, seller takes 100rs from her. Ahana arrives there in car and sees them. Tanu says to Natasha that you have bought apples but you would finish your lunch first. They start leaving. Natasha says its just small apple. Ahana comes there. Natasha greets her, Ahana hugs her, Natasha goes to sit in car. Ahana asks Tanu how is she? Tanu says I am fine, how are you? Ahana says whatever is happening, its… you know Rishi got to know about his daughter after so much time but its too late, you have moved in life and now Rishi’s love and now this custody case, this shouldnt have happened because Natasha is your daughter and only you have right on her, no one else. Tanu says atleast there is someone who thinks that I am right. Ahana says not someone but your sister, remember I told you that you can take any decision in life but I will always be with you. Tanu thanks her and gets emotional, she says I will meet you later. Tanu leave. Ahana is sad for her.

Abhi and Rishi glares at each other in meeting. They take their places. Bankers ask why they called meeting? Rishi says deal between Bedis and Khurranas is canceled, Banker says this cant happen, its impossible, this is legal contract. Rishi says break it then. Abhi says exactly from today Rishi and AK wont have any deal. Banker says this is business not some joke, you dont know how many shareholders had money involved for this deal, Rishi says I will refund it. Banker says what about trust they have on this collaboration? you read this contract before signing, we didnt force you to sign and you knew how much potential this deal have. Rishi says that potential is not there anymore. Abhi says if I knew before what kind of man are you then I wouldnt have done this deal. Rishi says you dont know me now, you will know what Rishi Singh Bedi is. Abhi says you are person who snatches things from others. Rishi says and you are the person who call others’ things as his own. Manpreet says one minute.. I feel we should give them time, he asks Banker to give them time. Rishi says no one is going anywhere, decision is made, this deal is canceled, Banker says but this deal was for 6 months. Abhi says we can leave this partnership and this Rishi is expert in leaving things behind. Rishi says be in your limits, Abhi says I know my limits, I dont go in others limits, I give you all the money I invested in this business, I will have loss for first time but I wont repent it at all. Rishi says no, not so easily. Rishi says to bankers that if I cant leave this partnership then I am leaving this business. Abhi laughs and says your habit is to leave everything. Rishi says and its your habit to call someone’s thing as yours. Rishi says to bankers that this partnership cant be broken so my best team will handle this collaboration and Abhi will get his profit after deal because you know this is not going to be your first loss, I am going to make you lose that you cant win that again, I will make you lose so badly and then you will repent in heart and that will be real defeat of yours and my victory of rights. Abhi says I will make you see how dreams break, just wait and watch. Abhi leaves. Rishi looks on and says this is called over confidence and when this breaks then person doesnt even know how to dream.

Scene 2
Rohit comes to Tanu’s house and says I came for file. Rohit calls Samar and says yes Abhi gave money to end London’s case so he can handle Natasha’s custody’s case, he broke deal with Rishi too, he is having losses in business a lot but AK can do anything for Natasha, he ends call. Tanu hears all that. Abhi comes there and says on call to someone that I will give him blank cheque. Tanu gives file to Rohit, Rohit hints at Abhi to talk to Tanu and leaves. Tanu says why you are doing all this? you gave money to London dealer so you can be here for Natasha’s hearing? Abhi says its about our daughter, what if something goes wrong here? my life would have ended, I can lose all money for this. Natasha comes there, Abhi starts playing with her. Tanu thinks he loves Natasha so much when she is not even his own, there was love of births that died in 7 seconds and you started loving her so much in seven years, God please make everything fine tomorrow in court, dont let daughter be separated from her mother.

Rishi is in thoughts. Manpreet comes to him and says I know you are worried about tomorrow, everything will be fine,my heart says it, you will win for sure. Manpreet checks him and says you have high fever, I will give you medicine, Rishi doesnt listen and leaves. Ahana sees all this, she is tensed.

In morning, Lawyer Mehra calls someone and says only I am going to win, he ends call. His manager said that lady judge Miss Punjabi is leading this case. Mehra says then we have already won this case, its lady judge, its about mother and woman will have more sympathy, we have already won it.

Rishi’s lawyer says to Rishi that judge is lady Miss Punjabi, its a problem. Rishi says I dont care who is the judge, law is law and same for everyone. Manpreet says we should get going, they leave for court.

Bedi family arrives at court. Tanu arrives there with Abhi. Media is taking interview of lawyer Mehra, Abhi shakes his head seeing it. Abhi leaves to go to him. Tanu comes out of car and looks at court. Rishi arrives there. He comes out of car and sees Tanu there, they both emotionally looks at each other.

PRECAP- Case starts in court, Lawyer Mehra asks Naitra if she loves Rishi? she says yes, I have loved only and only Rishi in my life and will always do it. Tanu gets angry hearing it. Rishi looks at her and nods in no,
she glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba


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