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SBS Ek Deewana Tha: Pehli Jhalak + Vikram & Namik Paul’s Interview

We get to watch the first glimpse of Ek Deewana Tha Promo. Vikram Singh is seen walking with his girlfriend when suddenly things turn for worse.

The lights flicker, we get to see some being rushing fastly by. A dog which is tied up nearby backs up in nervousness. The girl is slightly nervous at this but Vikram gives a “Don’t be afraid”smile and puts his hand across her shoulders to comfort her. Suddenly a glass shard breaks and pierces Vikram’s hand. Vikram whips his hand off the girl’s hand.

On the girl’s hand we see a heart shape coming up and ghostly frame of Namik Paul comes up.

Vikram Singh speaks about the show, says the show is deewana..which means it is oriented around Male characters and it deals with obsession. Vikram says, the story is shot in hill station and is a thriller. I can’t reveal more than this.

Vikram says, his character is named Vyom, the girl says she is named Sharanya.

Namik Paul says he is known as Shiv. The show is supernatural, fans have been guessing and some guesses are the show


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