Arjun tells Saanjh it was a long day. Saanjh hears sound and switches off fan. Pigeon’s blood and feathers fall on her. She panics. Family walks in. Arjun scolds Ayan for keeping window open and letting pigeon in. Saanjh panics that it is Maaya’s message. Arjun says it is just an accident and Ayan backs him. Saanjh continues that Maya can stop her death sentence and can harm Arjun, they will not stay in this house. Arjun says he will not stay with her if she does not stop fearing, her fear is separating them and not Maya. Jahnvi says Arjun is right, she should not let Maya win. Arjun angrily walks out and Saanjh sits crying.

Jailer watches movie with inmates. Warden brings Maya. Jailer yells if Maya is a queen that she needs invitation, she will show what life imprisonment

means. She switches on Arjun and Saanjh’s wedding video and forces Maya to watch it. Maya anxiously says she will not cry but cries. Jailer asks everyone to clap and says how is finished now. Maya warns jailer that her small mistake will bring a big problem to her. Jailer asks if she is frightening her. Warden murmurs in jailer’s ears that Jahnvi has come.

Jailer meets Jahnvi. Jahnvi gives her fruit basket with money in it, says she wants Maya dead and says she heard accidents happen in her jail. Jailer says even today accident will happen. Maya walks towards washing area and lights flicker. She enters washing area and someone locks door from outside. Maya knocks door and asks to open it. Rita walks in with her team and remembers jailer ordering to kill Maya and make it look like an electric accident. Rita asks what if constables and others interfere. HJailer says nobody will disturb her for 5 min and work should be done at 11 p.m. tonight. Rita hits electric box and it falls into water pool.

Jailer eagerly waits for good news. Warden hears sounds and says jailer that something is wrong, she will go and check. Jailer asks her to wait, she will go and check. She walks into washing area happily and asks Rita if work is done. Rita says yes, ram naam satya hai. Jailer checks Maya and thinks she is dead. Maya sits up. Jailer is shocked. Rita says she is for sale and whoever pays more, she is on that side. Jailer angrily tries to hit Rita, but Maya holds her stick and snatches it. Jailer warns she does not know whom she is confronting. Rita’s team locks door.

Precap: Maya tells jailer that she gave her deep pain and will be punished for that. She pushes jailer into live electric wire dropped water tank.

Update Credit to: MA


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